Wizards News Conference and TFC preview

News Conference

Coach Onalfo held his weekly press conference today. Kerry Zavagnin was the player at the presser. I have some … ok, wont’ call them quotes … some summations of what was said 🙂

Eloy Colombano being released was not discussed. More below.

Some things Onalfo used to describe the game against Columbus: “…Embarassing…” and “…extremely disappointing“. Coach Onalfo is taking full responsibility for the game. He and the team are not panicing. Said that “… not one of our players won their individual battles.”

Not only did Coach call a team meeting to talk about the result but the players called a meeting too. Onalfo said “I look forward to the response of the group and opportunity of the players to redeem themselves as a coach to redeem myself.”

Coach did, in response to a question about the poor result being mental or physical, compared the game to a “big wedding day“. Like the expectations were too high and it never measures up. Basically they had too high hopes for the first home game in 2 months. He did reference that KC had chances right after the first Columbus goal – talking about Lopez’s cross which Davy and Scotty couldn’t get to.

Lastly on Columbus: “Not gonna dwell on it, moving on. Not gonna talk about it anymore.

There was some talk about TFC. Called it the hardest place in MLS to play. Toronto are good at home and not so good on the road. KC will have to defend and set up well on set pieces because TFC played for set pieces. Said KC needed to be aggressive going forward.

He was asked about Kerry Zavagnin and how it seemed that Kerry was taken out as soon as he hit the 57th minute because he went over 2000 minutes. Coach said that Kerry was a tactical sacrifice. He went on to praise Kerry for his smarts, leadership and experience. Re-iterated the experience up the middle we have heard before: Hartman-Conrad-Zavagnin-Lopez.

Kerry came to the podium and was asked about the 56 minutes and said he had no idea he was close to 2000 minutes.

Kerry was asked about Columbus, “What happened … ?” Kerry chalked it up to a bad day, that “…everything lined up for perfect night… Can’t get too excited… can’t get too down.” Said that the TFC game can’t come soon enough.

He was asked about younger players and their playing time. Kerry talked about the MLS season being long, that the college season is only 3 months long, but that they must remember MLS is a marathon.

As for scoring, Kerry felt the problem scoring goals was not just the forwards but the entire team from defense to offense. And that they’d take any kind of goal right now to get it going again.

Eloy Colombano

According to The Back Post the team has released Eloy Colombano. There is some discussion over on Big Soccer too. Eloy’s cap number is $63,000 or so a year and on July 1 the salaries are guaranteed. So it seems that Peter Vermes is dumping some salary to make a move for an attacking player. Eloy also took up an International spot, so it’s possible that a player from abroad is coming to KC. Vermes did go to Hungary a few weeks ago. Also, I think that KC still has the unspent money from EJ allocation. And KC was already under the salary cap, according to MLSPlayers site, if you do some calculating, KC is at about 1.9 Million (removing Eloy’s and about 300,000 of Lopez’s base salary). That leaves a lot of money for KC go out and grab a player.

vs Toronto FC

Game preview here, new Rusert article here. We get Micheal Kennedy as the referee. BMO Field has turf. The weather looks like rain. That’ll make the turf … more interesting(one way to put it). KC only have two players out injured: Souter and Trujillo.

Personally I am looking for a lineup shakeup. I’d also like to see a short leash on the players. If after 20 minutes it isn’t working, make a change. It better be more than 39 minutes before the first shot by KC is taken.

Toronto are undefeated at home. KC only has one road victory.

Right now I have to say TFC have the edge. If KC attacks then they have a chance. But right now I will say 0-2 to Toronto.

Other stuff

Jimmy Conrad in the news. He gets an award at the KC Sports Commission banquet. Also listed here.

Also there is stuff in the latest Major League Soccer Magazine about KC and CommunityAmerica Ballpark. Page 47.



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