Blue Card Exec’s

This is a program that I believe all self proclaimed Wizards supporters should get involved in.

If you are interested in getting involved please contact Adam Meloan at


From: “Cotton, Greg”>

 Date: Thu, 5 Jun 2008 10:56:33 -0400

Subject: Kansas City Wizards — Blue Card Exec’s

 Good morning! 

 The Kansas City Wizards finally return home to CommunityAmerica Ballpark on June 14th after a seven-week home-game hiatus.  Over the past five days, the boys have won the New Mexico Cup and qualified for the US Open Cup… proof positive that they’re ready to launch a renewed campaign to reclaim first place in Major League Soccer’s Eastern Conference.  Off the field, the Trails redevelopment and Wizards stadium project is in full-swing.  If you haven’t seen the site yet, check out for some basic information.  Ground-breaking is right around the corner on the most exciting soccer, entertainment, commercial, and retail project in Kansas City’s history.

 I’d like to take this opportunity to share with you a program designed to strengthen our relationships with key Kansas City businesses and organizations.  Our goal is to better serve our fans, both existing and potential, and I hope you can help us accomplish this goal.  Our new program, “Blue Card Exec’s”, calls for individuals within local businesses to receive information directly from us in the form of emails, promotional flyers, etc. and distribute them to fellow associates/employees. Our goal would be that the Blue Card Exec’s would become liaisons for the Wizards organization and help us grow a fan-base within their individual organizations.  For their efforts, we would provide some great perks that would include:

 Two complimentary tickets to two of our remaining home games; and

A complimentary customized “Blue Card Exec” adidas polo shirt; and

Access to special Wizards functions including VIP access to Wizards special events, after-match parties and more.

 If you or anyone else within your company or organization, or friends or family members in other companies, would be interested in participating in this new program, please contact Adam Meloan at  We will hold an introductory meet-and-greet for those of you that are able to attend on Monday, June 16th at The Cashew, downtown Kansas City, from 5:30 to 7 p.m. to further explain the program as well as meet the Wizards front office and soccer staff.  Food and drink will be provided courtesy of the Wizards. 

 Thank you in advance for your interest in the Blue Card Exec’s program, and we look forward to seeing you very soon.

 All the best, and Go Wizards!






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