RSL 0-0 KC; Reserves game


There were a lot of stories on this game.  Most can be found in the daily post that AG makes.

KC started Leathers over Myers and Hohlbein over Wahl.  Ivan Trujillo started with Lopez because Scott Sealy did not make the trip.  He’s a new daddy so stayed at home.  Pore started wide right and Marinelli came on for him with 15 to go.  Trujillo didn’t so so well for his start and was replaced at half by Sasha Victorine.  Arnaud moved up with Lopez and Sasha took his place on the right.  Kurt Morsink replaced Jack Jewsbury just 10 minutes into the second half.  I have to say, Jack looked pretty pissed at coming off.

First half KC was outshot 12-2 and 19-7 overall.  Overall a downer of a game.  Davy had one off the crossbar.  Kerry had a nice shot.  Defensively KC was just “ok”.  On offense still too much standing around.

The Player of the Game was Kevin Hartman.  Second player would be Davy Arnaud.  And Third will be Kerry Zavagnin.  Update on points: Lopez 25, Hartman 22, Conrad and Marinelli 11, Jewsbury 6, Victorine 4, Trujillo and Arnaud 3, Sealy 2, Colombano, Zavagnin and Wahl 1.

Next week KC play at home against Columbus.  Wizards need to take max points at home and get some wins on the road to stay in this race.  DC won Saturday so KC is bottom of the MLS East.

Reserves vs Brass

Hillcrest Road reported the result of today’s Brass game.  Wizards won 5-1 over the Brass.  Trujillo had two goals, Eloy had an awesome upper 90 opposite post goal.  Sasha knocked in one and Kraus had a goal as a sub in the second half.   Chance Myers played the entire second half at forward while Nelson Pizzaro played right back.  Colombano had all of his 61 minutes at right midfield.  Brass did get a goal in the second half but hardly looked dangerous the entire first half.

Some notes:  Marquess looked ok but when challenged he just passed the ball back.  In the first half he was up the field a lot.  Sealy had trouble with the ball on his feet, so did Trujillo.  Eloy was really dangerous in the first half.  Morsink was all over the field and playing all out when he was on.



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