6 June. News and Blogs you might have Missed.

Wizards new promotions for the Cauldron What does this mean? If your a walk up fan, you now get to choose between sitting in the Cauldron, or on the berm, for the same price.

Real Salt Lake & MLS News

Victory is sweet, even when nobody sees

US Open Cup 3rd Round Play-In

May Man of the Month  

Hearne Christopher: Don’t believe the rumors about P&L being a bloody crime scene ”

The Kansas City Wizards have landed next-big-thing ’tween queen Selena Gomez for their June 28 home game against Salt Lake.

“She’s being tabbed as the next Hannah Montana,” says Wizards PR dude Rob Thomson. “She was in the Horton Hears a Who!’ movie, and she’s in the Wizards of Waverly Place’ on the Disney Channel, so obviously there’s a total Wizards connection.”


Special Watch Party in Weston: June 21

Sample the new, special-made Wizards cask-conditioned ale
Weston Brewing Company/O’Malley’s will be hosting a special watch party on June 21st as the Wizards travel back to Canada to take on Toronto FC.
Event details:
June 21, 2008 –  Buses leave at 12:00 (noon) from each 810 Zone location (Town Center & the Plaza)
Cost per person (Wizards are charging) = $12 (includes food and transportation)
Food – burgers/brats ($4) and 1/4 lbs. dogs ($3) – included in this price is a bag of chips
O’Malley’s will have 9-10 gallons of cask-conditioned “Wizards brew” that our guests can sample for FREE during the watch party
Carbonated “Wizards brew” will be available for $2/pint
All other pints are $4/pint
Indoor and outdoor seating areas broadcasting match with sound (vs. Toronto FC)
Contact Adam Meloan to reserve spot on bus

2 Responses to 6 June. News and Blogs you might have Missed.

  1. Pez says:

    $5 off Cauldron tickets appears to be a group ticket thing or special promotion… if you click on the link you either have to have an email address on “the list” or a special offer code. (The offer code was easy enough to guess though…)

    Additionally, it’s TicketMaster, so I’m sure you make up for it in service fees & “convenience” charges.

    So at least this is a *little* more complicated than you paint it.

  2. Bob Billingsworth says:

    I have not had to puchased a ticket on gameday at the ticket booth as of yet. Thanks you Sam 🙂

    Question do they not have a service fee and/or “convenience” fee at the ticket booth booth as well?

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