Wizards into the US Open Cup Third Round

Well, it didn’t rain. Which was good because I had my two girls(8 and 2) with me. Also good because neither team was good enough to win it in 90 minutes … or 120 minutes. After 90 the game was tied up at 2-2. KC had goals from Ryan Pore to open scoring and Ivan Trujillo to tie it up late. Rapids had tied it at 1-1 on a goal from Herculez Gomez (I fault this on Kronberg who came all the way to the edge of the box and ball rolled by him). Colorado took the lead 2-1 on goal by Jacob Peterson. The decision for the game went to a Penalty Kick Shootout that KC won 5-3. Here’s the Hillcrest Road writeup and the MLSNet recap. Rusert has one too. KC Star’s Bob Luder. Mike over at DownTheByline. KCFutbol’s Andrew Wiebe has audio from interviews. Wizards The Offside also has a write up.

By the way, KC played down a man the entire overtime period because Davy Arnaud got his second yellow card. He’ll miss the next USOC game. His yellow was entirely deserved. Actually the game was very well refereed. I don’t have any complaints for calls not going KC’s way or yellows against KC. Although Ryan Pore deserved a yellow early on in the game when he did a scissors like tackle, but got a way with just a foul called. Anyway, well refereed.

Kansas City will now play in the Third Round of the US Open Cup. This round will take place on July 1st. KC will not know it’s opponent.

Edit: Happy Belated Birthday to Scott Sealy.

Edit: Just got the email that KC sends out with a game summary. Wanted to put the quotes from the game here.



On the game…

“I thought the first fifteen minutes it took us a long time to get adjusted to the field surface, and then we scored the goal and took the momentum. I thought we were very good and then we gave away too easy of a goal, and that is unacceptable. We let them right back in the game. I was very disappointed with that and I let the team know that at halftime. And then again we had a defensive lapse and an easy goal and we were down 2-1. We basically decided to go with a 3-4-3 after that, and it still wasn’t working. So we went for broke and about the 82nd minute we took a chance and we played with 3-3-4 and we played with four forwards and it paid off.”


On his first career start with the first team…

“It was my first time in goal for first team. It’s exciting for me, you know, I’ve never had a shot, and this is my big opportunity. I was a little nervous beforehand, but once the whistle blows, you realize you are on the field, and it is just like any other day. As soon as the whistle blew, I was ready.”


On the game…

“I think the most important thing for our team was we came from being 2-1 down. We scored a late goal, and we fought through with ten men. We fought through it; we came away with three points; and we advanced. Our goal is to always get three points and to always be aggressive and to stay sharp on defense. We want to get three points on the road this weekend at Real Salt Lake and then come back home in front of our great home supporters.”


On the match…

“We had the game in our hands, and we let it go. I thought that in the first half, the second half and in overtime we had many opportunities to put them away and we were unable.”


On his goal…

“Medhi got the ball out wide and sent a great ball in. I was just off the back post away from my marker and decided to tuck it in far post.”

On the game going to extra time…

“It was definitely not ideal after we had a Sunday game then we had to play a Wednesday game to go into overtime like that, but you know it’s part of the game and we knew that was a possibility. As a team, we can’t let it get that far when we have a 2-1 lead up in the 80th minute. You know you have to close out that game.”

Commentary:PK Shootouts.

The short of it. I hate them. I think they ruin a game. I feel they should be gotten rid of. I didn’t even watch the PK shootout tonight. I went and stood behind the stands, I’d have left but I bring the flags/drum to the Cauldron so I did have to wait. There are a few things that FIFA can do to change how knockout soccer ends. First is to bring back golden goal. Second is to add a 15 minute intermission after the second-half ends. That way it’s just like a halftime. After each 15 minute extra period you allow 5 or maybe 10 minute intermissions. After 30 extra time minutes have been played you can even allow another substitution. It’s not like another substitution is some alien idea. Soccer used to be played with 11 men and no substitutions. The USOC already allows 4 subs to be used in a game. If the game goes another 30 minutes then allow another sub. Without the prospect of a PK shootout the teams will play for the win, especially if it’s golden goal. I am sure there will be those that say after some point the game won’t resemble soccer(PK shootouts don’t resemble it) or that a tired player will end up getting beat for a goal(what about tired players that come back from National team duty, or congested fixtures) but that’s just part of soccer. At least it would be decided in the course of play. Right now a keeper almost never saves the ball in a shootout unless the person taking the spotkick totally blows it(Ronaldo). Rather you have players missing the entire goal as the keeper dives the other way. Tonight neither keeper made a save as a Colorado player(Erpen??) hit the crossbar(no I didn’t see it). Person taking the kick has too much of an advantage. Gah! It’s so NOT football.

Anyway it’s very frustrating for a game to end this way even if KC does “win”(the game is officially a draw).



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