Ketchup on a Sundae … or something.


Brad Porter reported on Wizards Technical Director Peter Vermes and his trip to Hungary.  Vermes has a connection to Hungary as his parents came to the USA from there, he speaks Hungarian and his father played for a well known team there.  Seems that another reason to go to Hungary has to do with economics – easier to pay a transfer fee to a Hungarian team.  Even so, KC is interested in at least two attacking players, I’m guessing a wing player and a forward. Right now KC has six International spots taken up on the roster.  


If you get Ticketmaster emails about stuff in KC then yesterday you probably saw an update that KC is to play Atlas (of Guadalajara, Mexico) on July 11th at CommunityAmerica Ballpark.  Now, this no longer appears on the Ticketmaster website because the Wizards Front Office asked Ticketmaster to take it down.  Down The Byline had the link if you are interested.

Now, this game is one day after a Thursday night(not on ESPN2) game with Red Bull New York.  The Reserves game is supposed to be on Friday but now it seems that game will be replaced with the Atlas game; this per the Wizards.  So, the reserves game will be postponed.  It seems to me that it would be better to have this game against Atlas on a Sunday(or Saturday night) when some Wizards starters can get in on the action.  KC’s next game is the following Thursday(and on ESPN2) in Columbus.  Sure the starters wouldn’t play the whole game but it would make the first half much more competitive.  Then again it could be the only time that Atlas can get to KC.

Atlas is club that KC has a professional relationship with to learn each others training techniques, business stuff, player development, play games, etc.  It was formed last year.

New Mexico/CSD Municipal

KC defeated Municipal 2-0 on two headers from Ivan Trujillo.  For a game summary check out Hillcrest Road.  A previous post on Hillcrest shows the lineups and the changes – it was a running commentary.

There was a report on Lance Watson who attended New Mexico. 

From the first half it looked like KC played the new 442 – flat midfield.  Overall KC seems to have dominated Municipal.  KC used 21 players in the game.

Edit: A KC Star story too.

Kansas City Brass

The Brass defeated Sprinfield 2-0 on two goals from defender-turned-forward Levi Coleman.  KC dominated the game overall but Springfield was not without their chances.   In the second half Springfield had just one good opportunity but otherwise the play was all for KC.

KC now has 10 points and is tied with St Louis and Colorado.   Depending on the result of the Des Moines-STL game it is possible that four teams could be at 10 points each.



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