Wizards dropped; Brass draw gives St.Louis USOC berth; Hartman Birthday

Kansas City Wizards

Ugh.   A lot of breakdowns for KC.  Very disheartening to be up 1-0 and drop the game 1-3.  Never really want to blame the referees, and KC shouldn’t, but goals scored by players that are offsides really do hurt.

What is so damn hard about closing in on players with the ball?  Not that the 3rd goal by LA changed the outcome much(it came in the 94th minute), but Harrington just let Beckham have all kinds of space, size up the goal and then let it rip.  But well before that KC was allowing yet again attackers with space heading toward the goal.  Now, for some unkown reason, teams aren’t taking advantage of this as often as they should.  LA should have had a goal in the first half, maybe two.  KC was lucky to not be down at the half.  The other glaring and frustrating thing that KC does is to not move off the ball.  We see them do it at practice, why can it not be done during games?  It happened time and again Saturday, someone would get the ball, dribble, make a little space, ready to pass and…. everyone they can pass to are standing still with a defender on them.  UGH.  It’s no wonder Marinelli doesn’t pass.  It’s no wonder Lopez took the ball all himself in the 40th and ripped home probably the best KC goal all season.

Players for KC disappeared on Saturday.  Did you really know Carlos was in the game for a while? or Jack?  Scott Sealy made appearances and then flubbed.  Sasha was on again-off again.  Myers and Harrington did show some and made a lot of runs up the field.  Pretty much the offense went through Claudio Lopez who dropped back to midfield time and again to get something going.  Davy Arnaud was bland and Tyson Wahl wasn’t that great.  Jimmy was solid and so was Hartman.  Three goals look bad but when you look at each that was scored you can’t hold it against Hartman: a PK(rightly called too, though Donovan did some acting, it was a foul), a goal scored from offside position and an open net goal when KC was going for the draw in the dieing moments.

You can probably guess who my Players of the Game are.  Lopez(5), then Hartman(3) and then Jimmy(1).  Totals are: Lopez 25, Hartman 17, Conrad and Marinelli 11, Jewsbury 6, Victorine 4, Trujillo3, Sealy 2, Colombano and Wahl 1.

KC have next week off from MLS play but will be in New Mexico to take on CSD Municipal.  Currently KC are still 6th in the East at 11 points and remain 8 points out of first since Columbus lost.  Chicago and Columbus now lead the East at 19 points.  But by the time KC takes the field again on June 7th against Real Salt Lake they could be in last in the East.  DC United, currently on 9 points, have two games before KC’s next(one West team), Toronto plays a West team and RBNY have two games.  In the worst case scenario, KC could be in last place and be 4 points behind a 6th place DC team.  Now that can’t be good for team morale.

Kevin Hartman

Kevin Hartman turned 34 on Sunday.  He is the oldest player on the Wizards.  He is in his second year as KC’s net minder.  Hartman is in his 12th year in MLS and will most likely see several more.  Too bad his birthday couldn’t have been celebrated with a win.  He did get 6 saves in against LA though.

Kansas City Brass

St. Louis Lions clinched one of the two USOC PDL Central berths with a 2-2 draw in Kansas City.   In Leauge play the draw puts KC at 7 points on the season while St. Louis and Colorado top the table at 10 points.  USL does not yet have the stats up for the KC-STL game.  I’ll post an update when they are.



2 Responses to Wizards dropped; Brass draw gives St.Louis USOC berth; Hartman Birthday

  1. Tony Felich says:

    Good comments.

    I think Onalfo should put Claudio back at midfield so it’s official. Forwards can’t do anything with such poor transitioning by the midfield.

    Why not give Trujillo some real time up front? Sealy has been pretty bad so far.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The position Jewsbury plays is the same Zavagnin plays, usually when you don’t notice them on the field, it means they’re doing their job.

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