US Olympic team in Toulon, France

OK, well, it’s really the fringe U23 players and not the Olympic team we will see in China.  However KC was able to send Jonathon Leathers to this tournament.  Coach Nowak took players that weren’t starters for their MLS teams else we could have seen players like Harrington, Myers and Hohlbein go.  Though Hohlbein hasn’t started a game yet (or played).

Anyway, USA took on Turkey today.  Leathers started at right back.  Can’t really say that he stood out too much in the first half, but overall USA did not look so good.  A lot of long balls when they finally got possession.  That and Turkey did look pretty good.  My undestanding was that Turkey sent thier best U-21 team (most Euro teams play in U-21 competition instead of U23 or U20). 

In the second half Leathers went over to left back and became much more invovled in the offense.  Leathers was involved in a poor defensive effort right after a US goal.  It led to a 3-1 Turkey lead.  He couldn’t block ou the Turkish striker and Cervi came out of goal and the header went in.  Brunner(I think) was also involved in the defensive play.

US looked much improved in the second half.  Final was 3-2.  US missed a chance in the first half and should have probably had a PK call with under 10 to go.  That said, Turkey had great chances too.

Congrats to Leathers on decent game.  I expect he’ll play left back again where he showed really well.



2 Responses to US Olympic team in Toulon, France

  1. Anonymous says:

    third goal falls more on Brunner for not keeping up with his guy to begin with and Cervi for getting caught in no man’s land more then Leathers.

  2. georgeshook says:

    Yeah, Brunner more than Leathers. But JL did get close to stopping him.

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