It’s Game Day again

I know someone on posted that this two-month road trip was almost like the offseason.  I have to agree.  But at least we get to see some action again after two weeks off. 

First, just watched KC news conference from Thursday.  Coach Onalfo said that Sasha Victorine will be back in the starting lineup.  So, if Sasha starts then either Pore, Jewsbury, Marinelli or Zavagnin will not …

Micheal Harrington has a more pronounced mohawk.  This looks to be what Bob Luder based his Harrington story off of.  MH talks about his attacking abilities and playing midfield last year.  And glad he was able to play left back at the end of last season.

Also Micheal is very bold.  Says KC is better than the teams we are playing and that the goal on the road should be 3 points and not just 1.  He was pretty confident.

Weahter update.  Looks like 14 to 15 mph winds.   Game will start out cloudy and will probably go to thunderstorms.

Also don’t forget, the Brass are playing in Colorado in a match that doubles as a USOC qualifier.


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