KC’s loss this past weekend. Other news.

Unfortunately I was not able to watch the game this weekend.  I did get to hear some spanish commentary online.  Actually, I’ll miss this weekend’s game against Columbus since I’ll be in St. Louis and no longer have FSC.

From reading reports of the game against TFC the Wizards did not do well at all.   Toronto was deadly early and often but it was the 56th before they got on the board and added a second in the 77th.  Both goals by MLS returnee Amado Guevara.  The first goal was apparantly offside, but we all know referee’s don’t catch everything.

Ok, since I didn’t see the game I have to go on reports for Player of the Game.  It seems that it must be Claudio Lopez, so he gets the 5pts this week.  But he does need more support(Davy Arnaud?).  For 2nd and 3rd player of the game I am going to split between Hartman and Conrad, so they get 2pts each.

Totals for March/April are as follows: Lopez 15, Hartman 13, Conrad 10, Jewsbury 6, Trujillo and Marinelli 3, Sealy 2, Wahl and Victorine 1.

The East is now a logjam.  If NY beats Toronto FC on Thursday then there will be 6 teams within 3 points of the leader.  If TFC gets a win, they could move to a tie at the top of the table.

KC plays Columbus this weekend.  This team is much improved over last year and from the way KC has played the last 4 games they might get shredded against the Crew.   I won’t pick a score yet, I need to think on it.

Other news: KCReserves won 3-2 in a comeback over Toronto FC.  The Wizards cut Amir Lowery and Yomby William for striker Nelson Pizarro and midfielder Kevin Souter.  Both players were at the KC tryouts earlier this year.



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