Few more Wizards stories; Reserves

CBS sports recap.

Soccernet story.

KC Star story.

Ives Power Rankings.  Wizards back to #1.   Just ahead of FC Dallas who is the lone unbeaten team.

American Soccer News.  Vote for MOTM.

And again, here’s the MLSnet recap.  Please check out the stats between the soccernet story(above) and the MLSnet story.  MLSnet has shots(and on goal) as this: Chicago 19(5) to KC 10(4).  But Soccernet has this: Chicago 12(10) and KC 4(2).  Saves from MLSnet are: CHI 3 and KC 5 but soccernet has KC with 11 and Chicago with 1.  That is some glaring disparity.

The Reserves won 3-1 with all the KC goals coming in the second half.  The team took the field right after KC beat Chicago 1-0.  Leathers, who came on as a late sub in the senior game, played all 90 minutes at right wing.  However subs Victorine and Trujillo played only part of the reserve game with Sasha off at the half and Ivan at 64th.  Goals in the game came from Trujillo, Colombano and guest player Pizarro(replaced Ivan).



One Response to Few more Wizards stories; Reserves

  1. szazzy says:

    In the soccernet story, they reference 19 shots, even though it says 12 on their boxscore. I think MLSnet’s are the correct stats.

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