Wizards Jack Chicago

History means nothing.  Well mostly.

KC bucked the historical record(as well as fan pessimism) in Chicago with just their second ever win, and only third ever result.  The lone goal that gave KC the 1-0 win came early when Lopez hit a long pass to Jack Jewsbury who pushed the ball around Busch and put the ball in the net.

For long stretches KC looked really bad in giving up the ball and getting beat on defense.  Myers  was caught looking several times on the back line.  So Kevin Hartman stepped up for his 70th career shutout and third this season.  He had 5 saves for the game but Chicago got off 19 shots.  Hartman wasn’t just in front of the net though, he came off his line many times and was on the verge of reckless.

Offensively KC missed a few chances.  Sealy a close offsides just minutes after Jack’s goal.  Wahl had one off the post.  Myers was alone on a header.  Morsink had one over the bar.  Lopez curled one past everyone but that included the far post.  There were several others.  KC had 10 shots total.  When KC pushed toward the goal they looked pretty good overall.

Sealy started up top with Lopez again.  Kurt Morsink started at A-mid with Carlos Marinelli out; Roger and Chance made their second starts.  Sasha Victorine and Ivan Trujillo came on at the same time in the second half for Roger Espinoza and Scott Sealy.  Victorine helped to settle down the team in midfield.  And he was invovled in an attack only a few minutes into his 08 debut.  Jonathan Leathers replaced Claudio Lopez at the end of the game as KC was defending the win.  He was on to play right wing while Jewsbury moved back to d-mid with Zavagnin.  However Myers either got a cramp or injury maybe and was hobbling around so Chance and Jonathan switched spots.  Earlier in the match Morisnk spent a while on the ground while Marrufo allowed play to continue on – but really that’s more of an indictment on the assistant referee who missed all kinds of calls(both ways).

So, KC gets the win and not only move to the top of the East Conference but also are best in MLS with 10 points.

Kevin Hartman is my Player of the Game.  Jack is the second player for his goal and the third player is Sasha Victorine for his calming effect in his first appearance all season.

Total player points: Hartman 11, Lopez 10, Conrad 8, Jewsbury 6, Trujillo and Marinelli 3, Sealy 2, Wahl and Victorine 1.  (These are also my March/April monthly standings)

Here is MLSnet storyYahoo capsule.

Toronto next!



2 Responses to Wizards Jack Chicago

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ok, we get it you weren’t a believer of the fact that we were 1-13-1 in Chicago. Get over yourself.

  2. georgeshook says:

    Wasn’t that I wasn’t a believer, it was that everyone else seemed to be!

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