KCW Juniors to be expanded

Kansas City put out a press release on the KCW Juniors yesterday.  They will be adding a U-13 and U-18 this year and next year will join the US Soccer Development Academy.  Also it seems that at least two of the teams will be fully funded upon joining USSDA.  Right now it is mostly funded but participants must pay travel expenses.

All of the teams will practice (at least) three times a week at Swope Park.  Wizard’s Fitness Coach Dave Tenney will help oversee the teams training.

KC will again compete in the SUM-U17 tournament in Denver.  Also the teams will compete in regional and national competitions as well as State cups.  In the winter the teams will compete in FUTSAL.  A special U-19 team will be put together for the Kansas State Cup and will include collegians that are from the KC area.

And take with you a part of a qoute from Robb Heineman: “…We are proud to give this opportunity to young people from Kansas City and the surrounding areas and look forward to the day when a Kansas City Wizards first-team player has developed through the KCW Juniors program.”



5 Responses to KCW Juniors to be expanded

  1. mike says:

    My brother is going to be playing for the U-19 team.

  2. georgeshook says:

    Mike – that’s great.

  3. Anonymous says:

    this is going to piss off alot of people. Not a good idea.

  4. georgeshook says:

    quote:this is going to piss off alot of people. Not a good idea.



  5. Anonymous says:

    expanding below the high school age boys…plus the Youth Director of Coaching Chris Cissell stepping down…it’s turning into BVSC coaches.

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