KC get first home points from Houston

Better late then never.  Sorry, was out of town Sunday, then pretty busy Monday.  So, here’s a quick recap.

Since San Jose moved to Houston neither home team has been able to win (playoff game not included).  KC had lost both their home games to the Dynamo in the past two seasons but came away with a point on Saturday.

KC’s offense fizzled at the moment they needed to shoot … it seemed like it happened a lot but standing in the 6 yard box and not scoring even once can be a lot.  Scott Sealy was involved in most of the attacks so he’s the one drawing the ire of Wizards fans until Sunday’s game with Chicago.  Just not able to finish and he did have opportunities to do that.

Carlos Marinelli pulled his hamstring early (26th?) and Zavagnin came on to tie Nick Garcia’s all time games record for KC.  Kerry is at 224.  KZ himself was suffering from knee contusion but that early in the game it makes sense for him to come on and for Morsink to move to A-mid.  Thus KC lost another possible tactical sub for the second game in a row well befored Coach Onalfo wanted to make a move.

Davy Arnaud made his ’08 debut by replacing Jack Jewsbury – who I guess was tired maybe(?); I didn’t think there was a reason to take him off – in the 65th minute.  I don’t recall Davy doing much.  Ivan Trujillo was on in the 89th for Roger Espinoza, who started his first game at left mid.  Also Chance Myers started at right back.

KC’s defense was a lot better against Houston.  Myers did well starting and Harrington showed, to me, that the NE game was a fluke performance.  But our middle defensive triangle of Kevin, Jimmy and Tyson are my players of the game – in that order.  Hartman is the Player of the game as the main standout for KC and gets 5, Jimmy 3 and Tyson 1.  By the way, check out Downthebyline for a story/video of Tyson getting taken out by Eddie Robinson’s elbow.

Player point standings: Lopez 10, Conrad 8, Hartman 6, Jewsbury, Trujillo, Marinelli 3, Sealy 2 and Wahl 1.

Sunday: Happy Birthday Jack Jewsbury.  And congrats on the Reserves getting the 5-0 win over Univ.Memphis.  Seems the goal scorers were Colombano 2, Pore, Trujillo and McMahen.

Next up for KC are 6 road games in 8 weeks.  We won’t see the boys in blue until Flag Day.  First team on the agenda is Chicago where KC historically has just 1 win and 1 draw (both in ’05).  It will be a matchup of the two first place teams in the East.  Both have 7 points.  Chicago is one of two teams without a loss on the season(other is FCD).  Also, for some fun reading that involves KC and Chicago, check out this other blog that I do.

Final note: Ives Power Ranking.  KC goes to #3.



One Response to KC get first home points from Houston

  1. Kenny says:

    I believe it was Marinelli’s groin that caused him to leave the game early. And Trujillo came on in the 79th minute.

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