Weekend review

Wizards Take on Another Undermanned Team I hope this is not a repeat of Wed, the weather or the score line.

Dynamo-Wizards Preview

Men’s Soccer to Scrimmage MLS Team. It is stated the Tiger will be traveling to to Kansas City, KS….?  When did Swope Park get annex by KCK. And to think I  thought Overland Park was the only community to forcibly annex other towns villages and Parks in the KC Metro.

 Preview: Kansas City vs. Houston

Wizards face Dynamo tonight before hitting the road for two months

MLS: Pouring Some Sauce over Week 3

Chris Sharpe: Thierry Henry has Rapids locker room buzzing. Everyone needs a dream. Mine is to see Jimmy Conrad and John Terry playing for the same side. I could realy care less on which side of the pond that happens. Oh those crazy dreams of mine.

And He said let there be light…….

 Christmas For Soccer Geeks: MLS Media Guides

Kicking off.



2 Responses to Weekend review

  1. The Memphis story says they will playing at CAB, hence KCK.

  2. parlorcars says:

    My point is the reserved match is/was played at Swope Park. I find it funny how most people in the media, east of the Mississippi, assume that Kansas City is in Kansas, not the gateway to the Kansas Territory.

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