Wizards to rebound against Dynamo

Kansas City and Houston will look to rebound from losses in their last games.  We all know KC lost 1-3 against New England on a rainy Wednesday but Houst has yet to win this season.  For Houston they were ousted from the CCC in a 0-3 loss to Deportivo Saprissa, also on Wednesday.  Houston is 0-1-1 in MLS and have only won 1 game all year, that in the CCC first round.

Here is the latest injury report.  It shows that Waibel and Onstad are out.  And most likely Eddie Robinson.  I am sure that Stuart Holden will play.  For KC it shows that Sasha Victorine is doubtful, but if you saw the Metro Sports KC News Conference on Thursday Curt Onalfo mentions that Sasha will be out for a while.  However, depending on how Davy did today he could be on the bench for the Dynamo game.  I don’t think that Kerry will be benched though, I am sure we’ll see him out there and breaking Nick Garcia’s record.

Here is the MLS Preview along with the downloadable game guide

Here is an Ives story that has a KC preview.

  • So much for the Wizards going unbeaten. The 3-1 lashing by New England reminded us that Kansas City is still a work in progress, but now the Wizards must rebound against a team going through its own issues in Houston. The Dynamo is dealing with several key injuries as well as the inevitable Champions Cup hangover. Look for the champions to continue struggling while the Wizards get back to their winning ways. Wizards 1, Dynamo 0.

Since San Jose moved to Houston the Wizards have only managed one victory against them.  And that was in Houston.  KC has no points off the Dynamo at home.  But without Pat Onstad in goal for Houston, KC can most likely grab this win at home.

I am going to guess that Micheal Harrington gets the start again at left back.  One bad half should not lose you your spot.  Though I do wonder if Myers will start in place of Leathers.  I wrote the other day that Ryan Pore had a broken nose but he did play 90 against the NE reserves.  He could be back in the starting eleven but for some reason I think that Kurt Morsink might start the game.  He and Carlos can move back and forth from A-mid to left wing and both were dangerous in the second half on Wednesday.  Up top I think we’ll see Ivan Trujillo back in partnership with Claudio Lopez.  I just want to see more passes that release the two.  I wasn’t too nice to Roger Espinoza in my last report but he did do several good things even though he gave up the ball a lot (the entire team did when in the midfield).  I don’t think we’ll see Roger start but I do think he’ll be on the field at the end.  I also think we’ll be seeing Sealy off the bench, he seems to perform really well when he does.

I am going to call 2-0 to KC.  Trujillo (from Claudio) and Marinelli (from Jewsbury).  KC should be able to dominate if they play like they did in the second half – and for a stretch of about 10 minutes in the first.  Of course that could all depend on …

The weather for tomorrow is supposed to be nasty.  And is supposed to start tonight.  Here’s the hour-by-hour from 8AM tomorrow.  Wind over 20mph all day.  Possibly snow.  Mid 30’s all day but supposed to “feel like” mid 20’s.   By kickoff the forecast just calls for Windy and 42F.  I am sure we’ll all be sick of the wind soon.

Tidbit: Wizards get some love for their Media Guide from SoCal.



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