Reserves Report via the Kraus family

So, I got up this morning, still bummed about the loss.   Then remembered the reserves are playing.  Best way to get a loss out of your system, go to another game.   Anyway, game was to be at 10 AM and I’d be getting there at the second half.  Right?  Nope.  I got there and I saw staff pulling up the corner flags and I am trying to figure out what’s going on.  Well, there’s this couple standing next to their vehicle so I got out to ask what was going on.  Game was played at 9 AM so that Rev’s could get back earlier and the game had just ended.  It was 2-2 on goals from Ryan Pore and guest player Jeff Miles (I thin it was Jeff).  First goal, by Ryan Pore, was unassisted – it seems it was an unintenional goal too – could have been a cross, could have been a shot and went in off the back post.   Second goal was to tie the game up at dueces.  I think Micheal Kraus had the assist to Geoff Miles.

Anyway, the couple were the parents of MIcheal Kraus.  They drive up from Memphis for every game and reserves game.  They and Micheal sat above the Cauldron for the New England game.  So they gave me the lowdown on the game.  Micheal came over and told me about the Pore goal.

Here’s who played.  Kronberg in goal.  Espinoza, Myers, Hohlbein and McKenzie were on the backline. Myers was on right and Espinoza was on left.  Ryan McMahen played defensive mid and Davy Arnaud played 45 minutes on the right wing.  Welcome back Ryan and Davy!  Left win was Micheal Kraus and attacking mid was were Ryan Pore was.  Up top were Ivan Trujillo and Eloy Colombano.  After 30 minutes Espinoza and Myers came off.  William probably came on at this point.  Lowery replaced Davy at the half.  Edit – I see that there were three guest players: Miles(who came on for Roger and Howard and Wheerer who replace Ivan and Eloy.

Actually, as I get done with this write up, I see this Reserve result presser

Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Kraus, and to Micheal too, for letting me know what went on in the game.



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