Rain soaked Wizards fall to Revolution

Always sucks to write up a loss.  It this one hurts bad(truth is they all hurt!).  New England was without four key players and then they got some help early when a ball that should have been cleared(Tyson Wahl) somehow found Jewsbury’s foot and the back of the KC net.  An own goal to give NE the lead.  This came in the 12th minute.  I am pretty sure it started to rain shortly after that.  So, KC trails for the first time all season.  I am gonna take this time to point out that KC started two different players this week.  Sealy for Trujillo up top and Morsink in place of Ryan Pore.  Both went the the bench.  Apparantly Ryan has a broken nose(or at least an injured nose).

After the own goal KC started to get it together and in the 28th minute Kurt Morisnk was taken out in the box by Shalrie Joseph.  In an amazingly unforeseeable act of superb refereeing, Terry Vaughn allowed the advantage to KC where Sealy missed and then awarded the Wizards the penalty kick.  Jack Jewsbury easily converted.  Jack cancels out his own goal and KC is level with New England.   Morsink was down on the ground for a bit.  It took over a minute before Jack took the PK and another minute before starting up the game.  I should note there was a LOT of timewasting in the game.  More later.

Now, the Wizards defense had already started to look shaky.  Jimmy and Tyson did well(but for Tyson’s poor clearance that led to the own goal) but Harrington and Leathers were not so good.  Harrington’s play was downright frustrating both on offense and defense.  But even in the midfield there were a lot of uneccessary giveaways.  I am guessing the rain had a lot to do with that.

In the 33rd Khano Smith outran Jimmy and Jonathan and crossed the ball in front of Hartman right to a wide wide open Nyassar (behing Harrington) who drilled it past Hartman. 

Although it wasn’t seen by those of us in the Cauldron, KC was pretty dangerous in the Berm End throughout the first half.  That said, NE was getting great chances on free kicks.  In the 40th Mansally put in goal after a scramble in the box off a NE free kick in which Shalrie Joseph took down Jimmy Conrad.   New England now up 3-1 (it’s funny, on the broadcast Bruce Arena said that the 3-1 goal wasn’t the last one of the night).

So, there was 1 minute of stoppage time.  MLS continues to confound fans and players around the world.  Four goals, a yellow on Marinelli(took out Joseph who had to be treated), a PK and an injury to Morsink … somehow that adds up to a measly 1 minute of stoppage time.  Probably shoudl have been at least three minutes.  Not that KC would have done anything with the two minutes, but it’s the principle of the thing.

Chance Myers took over for Harrington at the half.  At the hour mark Roger Espinoza made his debut replacing Kerry Zavagnin.   This sub showing that KC will be pushing forward the rest of the game and 15 minutes later Colombano came on for Wahl.  KC was all out attacking in the second half.  Not until I saw the match report did I know that KC outshot NE 10-0 in the second half.  Overall KC outshot NE 16-9 and 8-5 on goal.  KC did this(the offense) despite all the bad passes in the midfield and the overall poor touches of Espinoza (although Roger had a great header chance late in the game).  New England did sort of settle back and absorb the pressure, and were helped by the rain.  KC did everything but finish.  Chance Myers and Jonathan Leathers pushed up in the second half, so that was very positive.

So, the game ended 3-1 in favor of the New England and KC loses their first game of the season.  And in the fashion a few games lost last year, in which KC outshot teams, somewhat out played the opponent but ended up losing.

Haven’t talked much about who got chances for KC but I think Claudio Lopez created the most chances and is my Player of the Game(5 to El Piojo).  For second player I give it to Jack Jewbury(3pts), sure he had the own goal but it can’t really be blamed on him.  He did convert the PK and involved a lot.  My third player is Scott Sealy, who was involved in combinations from Lopez, Marinelli, Jewsbury and Espinoza(who showed moments of brilliance and why he was drafted-hopefully no rain for him next time). 

Lopez leads “player points” with 10, Conrad 5, Jewsbury, Trujillo and Marinelli 3, Sealy 2 and Hartman 1.

Congrats to New England on the victory.



2 Responses to Rain soaked Wizards fall to Revolution

  1. AJF says:

    I agree with your basic assessment of the game last night.

    I was on the berm end and there were to “sure” goals that should have been scored. First, Claudio went down or was taken down instead of finishing a ball righ on top of the keeper. It kind of looked like he gave up fighting for the ball and dropped hoping to draw the PK, obviously they didn’t give it to him. That was disappointing, I thought he should have scrapped harder to kick that ball. Second, Claudio put a perfect ball on Sealy’s head, Sealy just plain muffed the header. Morsink also took two shots in close and cranked them both right at the keeper. Frustrating.

    Dang that Reis can kick the ball. His goal kicks and punts were freekin’ awesome. Kevin H. needs to work on this feature of his game, in my opinion.

  2. OG says:

    Sealy was in on a lot of plays. So was Carlos- but his midfield touches were not so great. At the Cauldron End there were so many chances from the edge of the box that a few times the trigger should have been pulled: Claudio, Carlos, Kurt, Scott, Roger – at anytime if they’d scored a goal I bet we’d have come back to beat New England. It seemed to be all downhill for us but for the net.

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