KC victory!;Corner Kick Goal

Once again KC played a scoreless first half then scored quickly in the Cauldron End of the second half.  This time it was a Jimmy Conrad header from a Marinelli free kick past a flailing Bouna Coundoul.  Just over two minutes later it was Jimmy again with a header but this time off a Marinelli corner kick – the first goal off a corner since late in the 2006 season.  It was also Jimmy’s first goals since the ’06 season.  Captain Kansas City made a trip the Cauldron after his second goal.  So at 54th minutes the Wizards were up 2-0 and cruising.  However it only took a few minutes for Colorado to regroup and it was Wizards castoff Jose Burciaga, Jr. striking near-side on Kevin Hartman who let the ball slip through.  Surely sweet revenge for Jose.  Rapid’s DiRaimondo tied it up in the 68th after five players went down going for the ball, most notably an armbar take down on Tyson Wahl, however no call made and the Rapid’s were opportunistic.  Right after the 2-2 goal KC brough Scott Sealy on for Trujillo and then in the 82nd Onalfo sent on Eloy Colombano for … Tyson Wahl.  Gotta love going for the win at home.  Two minutes later Sealy scored the game winner after already having had two great scoring chances in his short spell on the pitch.  For the second half Carlos Marinelli was actually playing wide mid because Kurt Morsink came on for Ryan Pore.

From reading above you know three of KC’s subs but also on the bench were Aaron Hohlbein, Chance Myers, Eric Kronberg and … Roger Espinoza.  Espinoza is surprising in my opinion in that he just came off a broken foot and was cleared this week.  Onalfo has said he wants to “bring Roger along slowly” in the past.  Either he is totally healthy or even recently-injured the first round draft pick from OSU is better than the likes of Amir Lowery and Micheal Kraus who both made the bench last week.  Then again KC still does have a lot of injuries and a lot of defenders on the team.

Right now KC is top of the league with 6 points.  Sounds good eh.

For more reading on the win here is Rusert’s 2nd half magic story followed by his late sub story(Sealy and Colombano).   A soccernet story on the winLate Sealy strike sinks Rapids from American Soccer News.  Bob Luder story in the KC Star – check out the picture of the fans that came out of the stands to hug Sealy before he got the Cauldron to celebrate.

Here are the post game quotes.  Jimmy Conrad has a good quote about the Cauldron.  And Jose Burciaga comments on scoring against KC.  Quote from Curt Onalfo about the last substitution “…We took a risk at the end, took out a defender and went to a 3-4-3, and it worked out for us. Give credit to all our guys for finding a way to win the game.

Watching Sports Center’s top 10 – #8 is Jimmy Conrad’s header off the Carlos Marinelli free kick for the 1-0 lead. Yay.

Ok, now for Player of the Game.  It’s an easy one – Jimmy Conrad.  He not only used his head to score two goals but cleared out many crosses and corners with his head too.  Jimmy was very agressive on defense tonight and even without the two goals he would have been a standout.  I am from now on going to be naming a top 3 for each game.  The Player of the Game gets 5points, the 2nd player gets 3 points and the 3rd player gets 1 point.  I’ll even go back and name a 2nd and 3rd for DC game.  Second player for tonight is Carlos Marinelli.  He had the two assists but also had many through balls that were very good and was a lot stronger on the ball this week.  He even moved out wide when Morsink came on the field for the second half.  Third player is an easy one: Scott Sealy.  Scott almost had three goals in his 20 minutes on the field.  He was very very dangerous  I would not be surprised to see him start this Wednesday against the Revolution.

Now for the second and third player from DC game.  Second would be Ivan Trujillo.  Partly for his goal but mostly for his hustle and positioning.  A great debut for him.  And third player goes to Kevin Hartman for the shutout and his saves(especially the Emilio save!).  So we have Lopez and Conrad at 5 each.  Then Trujillo and Marinelli at 3 each with Sealy and Hartman at 1 each.  We’ll use this method to pick a KCSoccerReview player of the month and also player of the year.

Next up: New England Revolution on Wednesday night.  They’ll be missing three key players: Ralston(shoulder), Twellman(meniscus) and Larentowicz(red card). 



Player of the Game – Jimmy Conrad(5pts).  Second player is Carlos Marinelli(3pts).  Third is Scott Sealy(1pt).

Last game; 2nd was Ivan Trujillo(3pts), 3rd was Hartman(1pt) and of course Claudio(5pts).


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