KC to face Colorado; and stuff(Update)

First off … usually I post several things during the week.  This week has been up and down for me in regards to finding a job, so I am saving it all for one post 🙂

Great win by KC last Saturday.  Team looked really good.  I said I’d give my player of the game and it is obviously Claudio Lopez.  Even more so after I finally watched the DVR’d broadcast on Thursday.  Claudio dropped back and played defense like EJ never did.  He was a big time leader on the field and seemed to be ready to be unleashed all game.  Of course, he had a pretty sweet goal too.

Several things for the Wizards this week.  Mostly covered either in the “daily news and blogs” here by George or by Down The Byline, Oz City or Hillcrest Road.

The biggest news of the week was the decision by OnGoal to move the weekend game up to 4:00pm to avoid conflict with the NCAA Final Four – which features the men’s KU basketball team against North Carolina.  If you don’t know the implications of that matchup … well …  The good thing is that it will likely be warmer for this game as last weeks game was about 36F at kickoff…and it was WINDY.  (Update) The weather forecast shows that at 4pm it will be 65F and sunny but winds from the south at 18mph … sigh.

I don’t usually pay attention to power rankings and such.  But of course if KC moves up then I take notice … which is a bit hypocritical, but who cares right? 🙂 So, Ives Galarcep moved KC up to 2nd in his power ranking.  Revolution were #1 … and they got hammered the other night by Chicago therefore KC should be poised to jump to the top spot so long as they take care of the Rapids at home.  Rapids are 7th and had the only win in the West last weekend; albeit against Los Angeles.

Per the KC roster they now have 28 players.  Both Down the Byline and Oz City did stories – here and here.  Yomby William got the last spot leaving Kevin Souter on the outside for the moment.  But that doesn’t necessarily stop KC from cutting someone if they really want to get Souter – which it seems he was offered a contract and Coach Onalfo indicated to me, at the Meet&Greet, that Kevin would be offered a contract.  Anyway, still some storylines there.

Updated Injury Report.  Roger Espinoza is now available to the team … at least he’s off the injury list.  Highly doubtful he’ll be playing for a bit.  Maybe a reserve match and few minutes.  He’s got to get back into it.  But Chance Myers is now not listed as probable in the latest injury report.  I expect to see Chance start and Leathers will go back to the bench.  Scott Sealy also is probably but with a groin strain.  I am guessing he’ll make the bench again and we’ll see either Eloy come off the bench sooner than last game or he could possibly start and Onalfo could save Trujillo or Lopez for the next two games – which come quick(Wednesday and Saturday).  KC is pretty deep at forward.  Reading reports from those that attended practice Sasha Victorine was participating but he is now listed a questionable as OUT for Saturday. 

Ives Galarcep seems to be taken with KC.  He wrote this nice story here.  He writes about the past few seasons and the turn around(in progress).  There’s a preview at the bottom.  Ives has a 2-0 win for KC.

WVHooligan also has a preview.  He calls it the best matchup of the weekend.  Says KC will have to keep an eye on Cooke and also Gomez(duh).  Marinelli should be expected to be pressured.  In the end he calls it a draw.  Question(rhetorical):How long before everyone realizes KC’s CAB field dimensions are actually larger than at Arrowhead and stop calling it a “small” field? October anyone?

I tried to find Yahoo Sports MLS preview for KC-Colorado but the link was no good.  Anyway, here is the MLS preview for KC-Colorado.  Kevin Stott is the referee … his stats are strikingly different for the two teams.  And it looks like it leans in KC favor, though there are 9 penalties called in games involving KC versus 5 in games involving Colorado.  And the Rapids lose a LOT when this guy takes the field.  Well, good for KC.  Some home-cooked refereeing?  Rapids will be without Ciaran O’Brien after he was red-carded for his retalitory injuring tackle on Carlos Ruiz late last week.  He almost incited a fight.  O’Brien was a late sub last week and not a starter.  Now KC will be welcoming(not necessarily warmly) back new Colorado defender Jose Luis Burciaga, Jr.  JLBjr was traded for 09 draft picks in the offseason after falling out of favor last season.  And I have to say, watching him play against LA last week, he still seemed like exactly the same player that lost his job.  He’s prone to mistakes on defense, but he still likes to push up and can make some magic happen if he gets some confidence, space and the ball on his foot at midfield.  I think KC will need to keep an eye on Terry Cooke of course but the main threat will be Christian Gomez, who scored two goals against KC last season.  But overall, I think KC should be able to contain the Rapids 4-5-1 formation. Colorado is just not that good up top.

By the way, here’s a video preview of the game. 

My formation prediction: Lopez, Trujillo, Marinelli and Zavagnin, Jewsbury and Pore(probably switching a lot like last week) on the wings, Conrad, Wahl, Harrington and Myers.  Hartman in goal.  At the very least Myers makes the bench.  Would be nice to see him get some time before playing the allegedly good New England and Houston sides.

My score prediction … 3-0 to KC.  Trujillo, Jewsbury and Marinelli.



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