Wizards Opening Day

Well, the day is here.

Wizards fans will get to see the “new” ballpark and most likely five new starters compared to last year.  Chance Myers, Claudio Lopez, Ivan Trujillo, Ryan Pore and Tyson Wahl.

From reports it looks like KC will employ a 4-4-2 and not the new 3-5-2 that was touted.  That 4-4-2 backline should be #1 draft pick Chance Myers at right back, Jimmy Conrad and Tyson Wahl in central defense and last years Wizards #1 pick Micheal Harrington.  Both Harrington and Myers can push up to wide mid and help out with offense, thus at times KC will probably be looking like a 3-5-2.  Of course, Kevin Hartman will be in the net directing that back line.

Kerry Zavagnin will be the defensive midfield, where he’s played for years for KC.  On the wings will be a bit of a change.  With Davy Arnaud out recovering form knee surgery Jack Jewsbury looks to move back into the midfield and on the right wing.  From what was seen in preseason reports, and from the game against RSL in Oklahoma, we will probably see former forward Ryan Pore on the left wing.  I figure that when Sasha Victorine is healthier he may roam that wide left spot.  But who knows.   Carlos Marinelli will be directing the attack in the middle of the field.  He’s healthy and has an MLS year under his belt.  KC fans are expecting a lot from Carlos this year.

Up top are where the real changes are.  Wizards signed former two-time Argentina World Cup striker Claudio “El Piojo” Lopez.  The Louse in case you wanted to look it up.  Claudio will bring experience and flair to the team.  He’s scored a lot of goals in his career and played for many high profile teams.  KC has him for two years.  The other man up top will most likely be Colombian Ivan Trujillo.  He played for two teams last season in Colombia and scored 11 goals.   He’s the guy that I expect will be a huge impact this season.

Now there are some reports that Myers may not start due to a foot strain.  Also that Jimmy is just “probable”.  I think we are all sure that Jimmy will be out there.  If Myers does not start then Jack may move to right back or possibly Aaron Hohlbein.  If it’s Jack, then someone will need to fill in wide right.  That could be Colombano, Morsink or possibly Victorine.  Though Eloy Colombano has been a striker all pre-season, but he did play wide right last year.

No matter who starts, at least it will be the end of all the waiting 🙂  And the fans and the team get to take out frustrations on hated DC United.

As for DC, they have a good team.  And they have already played two games this season, in the CONCACAF Champions Cup.  DC has a game on Tuesday also.  It’s entirely possible that DC will make three early second half substitutions in regards to that CCC game on Tuesday to rest some key players.



One Response to Wizards Opening Day

  1. georgeshook says:

    OK, it looks like Chance Myers is out. Damn. Still some possibilities for who will play on that back line.

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