KC Wizards Previews and stuff

Ok, it’s just a few days before the Wizards take on DC United out at CommunityAmerica Ballpark. 

There have been several previews and I was gonna list them here.  Some of these previews have appeared in George’s daily posting.

KCWizards.TheOffside did a 3-part preview: Defense, Midfield and Forward areas.

3rd Degree(FC Dallas blog) has KC finishing first in the East. Oh yeah, Onalfo as coach of the year.

Here are two stories by Bob Rusert over at MLSNet.  Quick Hits and Wizards where they want to be.  Actually, he did one on Tyson Wahl too; good read.

Yellow Chair Sports also did a previewWould be nice if they got Chance’s name correct though.

TSN has a preview from the 22nd.

Climbing the Ladder did a lineup prediction.  352? 442?

For the DC game, Claudio Lopez will be availableI bet he comes off the bench for the first game.

If you want to see some video/interviews from the Saturn Cup game go here and even some video from practice on the 21st.

I was looking forward to the reserve game Sunday, but it was cancelled.  Seems that KC will play Drake instead … possibly.  See here.



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