Wizards win final pre-season tuneup

The Kansas City Wizards defeated Real Salt Lake in the 2008 Saturn Cup.  Jimmy Conrad got the lone goal off of a Carlos Marinelli free kick.  The goal came in the 64th minute.

Hillcrest Road has accounts from the Saturn Cup and from the KCW Reserves game against SMU.  The reserves lost 0-1.

Due to many injuries on the KC roster there were many guest players for the reserve matchup.  Even keeper Boris Pardo took the field.  The guest players were from local KC colleges.

A few players were in both games.  Eloy Colombano got the start over Scott Sealy in the game against RSL and proved to be dangerous.  He came off at the half for Sealy.  Scott got the start in the reserve game with Eloy subbing him off at halftime.  Kurt Morsink and Aaron Hohlbein were subs in the RSL game, for Marinelli and Conrad.  Both played the full 90 in the reserves game.

Also of note is that Sasha Victorine played last night.   But only in the reserves game and then he was …. forward.  So, he seems to be back on his way to recovery, which gives KC depth in the midfield.

From the Hillcrest Road reports it sounds like KC had a lot of good chances and that Carlos Marinelli had really stepped up his play over last year.

I can’t wait for Saturday against DCU.



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