US Open Cup

I was off reading on BigSoccer’s US Open Cup forum and found some info on the 2008 edition.

While not officially announced yet, it seems that KC will play against the winner of Colorado-Los Angeles (May 27th).  As far as I can tell, this game is only found here.

Over at you there is the announcement that Columubus will host(May 27) the winner of San Jose at Real Salt Lake(April 30th).  Then the winner of that game will play against Chicago.

If you read that closely, you’ll see that SJ or RSL will have to play three MLS teams to make that group of 8 MLS teams that will enter in Round 3.  In 2007 MLS sent the top 6 teams from 2006 and the other six had to fight it out for the other two spots; the 7th and 8th teams getting a bye.  It seems that’s sorta the same this year except that it would make more sense to have KC, the 8th team from 07, not have a bye.  Instead, MLS seems to opt for making RSL/SJ play an extra game.   US Soccer really needs to figure this tournament out.  There seems to not be any rhyme or reason as to why USSF cannot have all the US MLS teams come in at the same time, or at least have them in a staggered entry.  Like bottom half MLS teams come in at same time as USL-1 teams.  Instead there are only 16 teams in Round 2 (that’s when 8 USL-1 teams enter) and then 16 teams again in Round 3 (when 8 MLS teams enter).   As far as I can see there’s room in that tournament … oh well.

Either way, I hope KC’s game is at home.



One Response to US Open Cup

  1. Anonymous says:

    unlikely it’ll be at home. If it’s LA-CO, the game will be away, since they both have more control at their stadium then we do. Especially if it’s around the time of the Columbus USOC game, because the T-Bones are at home the 23rd through the 29th.

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