A Saturday week in review

Well, actually first, check out this article over at USSoccerplayers.com called Discount Guide:Kansas City.  Just one note from it, Alexi Lalas didn’t play for the team in ’00 as a true Wizards fan knows. 🙂

And since it’s Saturday, good luck to the boys in blue against RSL and SMU(reserves).  Wish I could have been there.  And for running commentary check out HillcrestRoad.

Ok, review.  KC Kings were outsted in the PASL Internationals.  Wizards come back from Argentina and bring back some old guy who played in two World Cups; name of Claudio Lopez, not too shabby.  Andrew DiCicco waived; thanks for the 3 goals man.  ownTheByline and BigSoccer had the full pdf of the 3 Trails Tif plan.  Ivan Trujillo and Claudio Lopez met the Media on Tuesday.  Also, there was a team picture.  Waived draft pick Pat Healy signed with Crystal Palace USA.  Former Wizard, and local lad, Ryan Raybould signed in Sweden.  Jimmy Conrad will have his show on 810 AM again this year.  Draft pick and goalkeeper Andrew Kartunen showed up to practice with the team.  Turf was being put down at the new field at Swope practice facility.  Wizards had a meet-n-greet over at The Legends; it was fun.  I heard from a team official that Kevin Souter will get a developmental contract.  And we found out on Friday that Jimmy Conrad has a broken hand.



One Response to A Saturday week in review

  1. kC fAn says:

    Kevin Souter, is that the open trial guy? where will he play? Outside mid, center mid?

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