Wizards: Practice photos, video from 3-19

First off, wanted to say that KC only has to decide on one player to cut.  Seems pretty obvious, but Paulo Troyano and Santiago did not make the trip back to KC.  And I found out at practice that Andrew DiCicco was let go too.  That makes it just one player for the Wizards to either release or not sign.

Here are the injured players that were at practice: Davy Arnaud, Lance Watson on crutches, Roger Espinoza, Matt Marquess, Ryan McMahen and Sasha Victorine.

I don’t recall seeing Raushawn McKenzie at practice, but I could have missed him.

For practice the team played full 11v11.  I know that Claudio Lopez and Scott Sealy were on the same team, along with Kurt Morsink.  Zavagnin, Marinelli, Chance, Jimmy, Jack, Harrington, Trujillo, Pore and Eloy were on the other team.  I think Tyson was on that team also.  Note that Jack Jewsbury played right wing while Chance Myers played right back.  Jon Leathers was playing right wing on his team.   Several times when JJ pushed up on his side then Chance Myers would move up to right wing and Harrington would drop back to left back.

Here are photos of practice.

Video of Practice

Video of New Turf

Also, in case you missed it, here are some articles from the Media Day yesterday.  Rob Rusert writing about how Wizard’s additions add spice to mix and one from Bob Luder in the KC Star.  Both articles make you ready for the season to start.



One Response to Wizards: Practice photos, video from 3-19

  1. ajf says:

    Thanks for this. I’m stoked. Great articles also.

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