Wizards Reserves Get Draw

This is the “None G” Mike from Down the Byline filling in for George Shook today with the result of today’s match.

The Wizards didn’t play Boca or Velez, but they did play today.  The reserves tied Tristan Suarez of the Argentine Third Division.  It was an 80 minute game with mainly players that did not play in yesterdays game.  Scott Sealy and Kurt Morsink were the only two who played yesterday that also played today.  Suarez took the lead in the 50th minute.  That strike was canceled out by rookie, Jon Leathers after a cross by Rauwshan McKenzie bounced around the box.  Per the report on Hillcrest Road, Wizards goalkeeper, Eric Kronberg made key saves in the game.  The Wizards are hoping that Kronberg will begin to challenge Kevin Hartman this season.

Here is the Wizards lineup:
Kronberg, Hohlbein, William, Kraus, Leathers, Souter, Lowery, Morsink (McKenzie 55), Troyano, Sealy (Santiago 55), Colombano (DiCicco 55)

Mike “None G”


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