PASL Playoffs: KC Kings one of the favorites!(Updated)

The KC Kings will be playing in the PASL International Finals on Friday the 14th.  In-fact, according to the main page KC is one of the favorites to win.

“The KC Kings playing their first season are arriving 2 days early to prepare and should be watched carefully.”

The PASL not only has US teams in it, but also Mexican teams.  In fact, KC’s first opponent is Monterrey Mexico.  Monterrey Mexico lost in the Quarter Finals last year to the finalist Vermac of Mexico City, and should be ready to make a run this year. 

Here is the full schedule.  KC is in Group C and plays( Monterrey at 3:00 pm and then Performance FC at 4:40 pm!  Performance FC (Greenville, SC) won the Southeast Division title.

Should KC not finish in first then they’ll play in an elimination game at 8:10 pm against a team from Group D.  The group winner goes right to the Quater Finals and would play at 10:50 am on Saturda the 15th.

Here are some comments from Kings General Manager Brian Budzinski.

About the schedule and training: “The schedule looks very tough, I’m not sure how seed’s are determined since two of the favorites in Monterrey and us square off in the first match, but with very little time between the first two games I’m glad our coaching staff has added some additional training this past two weeks.”  Looks like about 30 minutes between games when you add in halftime and time between quarters.  That’s a quick turnaround.

On the team:“We are missing two strong players in Captain – Defender Collin Bulwich (knee) and Midfielder Matt Iverson (hamstring).”  Injuries suck for sure.  Especially to key players.  I’m sure KC will adapt.  You don’t win every game but one and not be deep enough to cope.

King’s season goal: “It’s been a goal all year to make it this far and make a statement by winning the whole thing.  So, it will be interesting to see how the team handles the pressure, now that the time has come.

What the Kings have been doing to win the whole thing: “(Coach) Vlatko (Andonovski) has been working with the team a lot on set pieces and on playing down a man, hopefully with the added emphasis on these two elements plus getting to Fredericksburg early will put the team in the best environment to succeed.

Here’s the rest of the roster: Tonio Paternostro, Vlatko Andonovski, Micheal Garven, Stephen Hoffman, Danniel Jiregna, Nick Kelly, Drew Perkins, Jimmy Perez, Mirsad Dzilic, Jason Jacob, James Katajwa, Manny Tovar, Raad Quimisieh, Chaz O’Dell, and Josh Schreck.

Brian mentioned to stay tuned to the Kings Myspace page for updates.



One Response to PASL Playoffs: KC Kings one of the favorites!(Updated)

  1. keeper says:

    Looks like a tough road for the Kings, interesting to see how they do.

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