Mixed lineup see Wizards draw Platense

The KC Wizards mixed up the players today and took on Platense from the Argentine second division.  The game was played in 3 30-minute parts and ended in a 0-0 draw.  Hillcrest Road brought us the information.

Kevin Hartman got the day off.  But we see that 23 players got some playing time.  Again there was no Sasha Victorine.  Others that did not participate were Claudio Lopez, Ryan McMahen(injured?), Matt Marquess and Scott Sealy.

Starting Lineup today was:  Kronberg, Jewsbury, Conrad, Wahl, Myers, Zavagnin, Marinelli, Harrington, Pore, Columbano and Trujillo.  So, this could have been a 3-5-2 with Ryan Pore playing AM and Carlos playing 2 way in midfield.

After the first 30 minutes all but Kronberg and Eloy Colombano were replaced.  On came Leathers, William, Hohlbein, Souter, Morsink, Troyano, Lowery, Kraus and Santiago.  Still probably a 3-5-2.  Maybe Colombano dropped to wing or into midfield and Troyano played striker?  Or possibly Troyano was the A-mid.

In the final 30 minutes Pardo replaced Kronberg, Andrew DiCicco replaced Colombano and McKenzie replaced Kraus.  And this looks like it’d be a 4-4-2 by having Leathers, William, Hohlbein and McKenzie on the field at the same time.

Word from Hillcrest is that the starters may get a lot of time against San Lorenzo.

There are 32 players with KC right now.  Three are injured, that we know of (Arnaud, Watson, Espinoza) and are at home(KC or elsewhere).  Leaving 29 down in Argentina.  Roster needs to go to 28 total.

Here are some minutes updates for the players.   Kurt Morsink, Tyson Wahl and Kerry Zavagnin have the most minutes.  They are 565, 522 and 520 respectively.  At the other end Victorine and Lopez have 0 minutes each.  The only other players under 200 minutes are Pardo, at 130, Ivan Trujillo at 110(3 games and 3 starts) and Santiago with 2 appearnces at 65 minutes total (We still don’t know anything about Santiago).   Not including the players over 500 minutes, we have 11 more with 400+ minutes.  They are Pore, Myers, Harrington, Hartman, Hohlbein, Marinelli, Colombano, Leathers, Sealy, Conrad and Jewsbury.   Two of the trialists, Souter and Troyano have 215 and 230 minutes with 1 start and 9 appeances between them.  One of them is going to make the team I think.   McMahen and Marquess are also in that 200 range and I am starting to think that neither will make the team.  When McMahen has played it’s been at d-mid but lately Amir Lowery is getting those minutes.  Could be that that Ryan is injured but then again he was out all last year and can KC afford to have him injured again this year?

Others that are in doubt could be Watson(though IMO, probably will make the team), Kraus, William, DiCicco (how many strikers do we need?) and if I list William I have to list McKenzie.  I think one of those just listed will also be gone.  That is unless both Souter and Troyano don’t make the team.

Still a lot to decide on.  Hard to judge from here in the US since we can’t see them play.



2 Responses to Mixed lineup see Wizards draw Platense

  1. Anonymous says:

    The roster isn’t that simple as 28. There are only 18 full roster spots and 10 developmental roster spots. So you have to look to divide the team up by who is going to be full roster and who is going to qualify as developmental player.

    You also have to remember that guys like Myers and Espinoza are not going to count against the senior roster because they are generation Adidas players.

    So that certainly changes the roster complexion.

  2. georgeshook says:

    Well, they don’t count against the MLS Salary Cap, that’s for sure. At a minimum they’ll count against the dev roster, so that’s still 2 spots of a total of 28(or 10 if you must). I think they are already listed as Dev players on kcwizards.com roster page (yes, just checked).

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