KCW: More Argentina games and Lance Watson

In KC’s weekly update email we found out that KC is gonna be piling on the games right at the end of the trip.   The Wizards played River Plate today, and won, and will play 2nd division Platense tomorrow.  On Wednesday the opponent will be San Lorenzo.  Thursday it will be either Boca Juniors or Valez Sarsfield (again) while on Friday it will be Estudiantes.  That is some quality competition.  If you are counting, that will make 8 games in Buenos Aires.  Four more than last year.  Hopefully there will be some video online from the Wizards and hopefully that will be enough time for KC to decide who will make the 28 man roster.  Also will give Claudio Lopez up to 4 game appearances down there.

One player who should make that roster is Lance Watson.  But at the moment Lance is no longer with the team in Argentina.  He came back early du to a broken foot from when the team played Valez Sarsfield.  Lance scored the only goal the day before in Defensa y Justicia game.  Locally a fan was sure he saw Watson on crutches and today the Wizards confirmed he’ll be having surgery tomorrow and will be out six weeks or more.  Currently that makes at least three Wizards out on injuries-two with broken foot.  Watson joins Espinoza and Arnaud as not being able to play.  That means that by opening day only 25 of the 28 man roster will be available.  Not a huge concern, but concern nonetheless.



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