10 March The News and Blogs/Apologies.

Usually the daily news/blog stuff is here.  Unfortunately George’s PC has some issues.  It should be back up and running for tomorrow.

We want to apologize because we know some of you “get your fix” from these daily posts.

Biggest thing over the weekend was all the Claudio Lopez news.    Be sure to watch(or record) Metro Sports today starting at 1:25 PM CST.  They will have a live broadcast of the introduction of Claudio Lopez.

Edit: I will add some stories throughout the day

Beware of the Wizards from SoccerByIves

KC 2-1 River Plate Hillcrest Road.  Goals by Jewsbury(PK) and Souter!

Lopez teleconference (replay)About 30 or so minutes of QnA for Lopez, Conrad, Vermes and Onalfo.  It starts at 3:37, unless you want to hear a lot of classical music.

George and George


5 Responses to 10 March The News and Blogs/Apologies.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Why don’t people just post Wizards related stories from the weekend in the comments section so we CAN get our fix? For those of us too lazy, or unable to find the news?

  2. szazzy says:

    my hands are starting to shake.

  3. OG says:

    I’ll add some stuff throughout the day.

  4. kopiteinkc says:

    I like the sign off: “George and George”

    When did you guys get married and do Andrea and Jeannie know yet? 🙂

  5. georgeshook says:

    If not yet, they’ll know soon enough…

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