No River, No problem.

River Plate backed out and KC instead played Club Deportivo Morón.

No problem for KC who won 5-1.  Hillcrest Road has the report.

KC scored 4 goals in the first half.  Two of them from Ivan Trujillo, both assisted by Scott Sealy, both were tap ins (doesn’t Sealy usually get those?! 🙂 ).  Marinelli had one unassisted off his own rebound and Jack added a blast.  In the second half Eloy Colombano finished off a cross from Jon Leathers with a header.

First half starters were: Hartman, Conrad, Jewsbury, Wahl, Myers, Zavagnin, Marinelli, Harrington, Pore, Trujillo and Sealy.  Is that a 3-4-3 ? Or could Pore be in the midfield? He was there before, but as an A-mid when Marinelli was not on the field.  I’m guessing 3-4-3 though.

Second half all eleven were changed and the lineup was: Kronberg, Kraus, William, Hohlbein, Leathers, Morsink, Souter, Troyano, DiCicco, Colombano and McKenzie.  Not sure of the formation here… maybe 4-3-3?  Definitely a back four.  Could be 4-4-2. also as Eloy can play wide … Kraus can play wide and up top.  Troyano up top or maybe in midfield… ha.  I guess we’d just have to ask the coaching staff on this one.

Note: No Victorine, no Watson, no Lowery, no McMahen and no Marquess.

Here are some updated minutes and goals (I admit, I might be off on the total goals, I know I am missing some assists). 

Goals: 3 goals – Marinelli and DiCicco; 2 goals – Trujillo, Pore, Colombano; 1 goal – Morsink, Jewsbury and Watson.

Assists: 2 assists – Sealy; 1 assist – Marinelli, Colombano and Pore

Minutes: There are nine players above 400 minutes.  They are Morsink, Wahl, Zavagnin, Hartman, Marinelli, Pore, Myers, Harrington and Sealy.  There are five others above 300 minutes.  They are Hohlbein, Colombano, Leathers, Conrad and Jewsbury.  And there are 10 others with over 200 and four more under 100.

Five players have started 8 games: Wahl, Zavagnin, Hartman, Marinelli and Harrington.  Leathers and Pore have appeared in 9 games.  And along with those that started the 8 games two others have appeared in 8 games: Myers and Morsink.  Sasha Victorine is the only player to not appear in a game yet.  Three players have not yet started a game: Kraus, Souter and Victorine. 

With the Claudio Lopez announcment (pending) KC is at 31 players.  This includes trialists Souter and Troyano.  So KC still has to pear it down by three more players.



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