Designated for Kansas City! Announcement Saturday.

UPDATE (12:47pm)  Per the KC Star’s Bob Luder , KC will introduce Lopez tomorrow.

I really love it when stuff breaks and I am not at home to catch it … ok, that was sarcasm!   It’s super-funny to me because my brother and I were discussing this very issue last night.  I had a 10 AM appointment and was worried I’d miss the River Plate report or, more importantly, the news that Kansas City is signing former Argentine National team player Claudio Lopez.

Anyway, per these two sources: Brad Porter and Steven Goff, the Kansas City Wizards will sign Claudio Lopez.  He is set to sign a deal reported to be for 2 years.  The deal is to be signed in Buenos Aires which means that Lopez can play in the next two preseason matches in Argentina.  KC will be on the hook for any amount over $400,000.  Per Mr. Porter, KC is looking to leave Lopez up top by himself and be supported by a withdrawn striker(Edit: actually, he would be the support).  Speculation is that could be Trujillo.   If you want to see some video of Claudio scoring some sweet left footed goals go over to Oz City or check out youtube.  Plenty of videos out there.

Lopez has played in two World Cups and also in Spain and Italy and Mexico(Club America with Blanco).  Not to mention playing at the high level of Argentine first division.  At 33 years old he brings a wealth of experience… and a Dangerous Left Foot (think Preki).  I said it before… experience up the middle for KC: Hartman, Conrad, Zavagnin and now Lopez.  To some extent Marinelli since he has played at high levels too.  But with just the first four, that’s some nice glue to keep the team on the right track.

I wonder if Lopez will just have “CLAUDIO” on the back of his shirt?  That’s what he did when playing for Argentina. What about what number he will wear?  KC has available: 3, 6, 13, 17, 18 and then a bunch above 25.  The number 7 is for Chance Myers, at least he wore that number in practices and 23 for Ivan.  Of course if Ryan McMahen doesn’t make the team then Claudio can wear #8.  If not 8 then I think maybe 13 or 18. What do you all think?

Now it was said before that KC was also looking at an African player and maybe another South American player.  It was re-iterated in Brad Porter’s blog today.  Not sure who the African player is, but I’d bet money that the South American is Argentine Paulo Troyano.



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