Wizards 1-0 Defensa y Justicia; new trialist

KC played a 442 for both halves against Defensa y Justicia.  Thanks to Hillcrest we know that Lance Watson started on the left wing and scored in the 7th minute on a Marinelli to Harrington to Pore who left it for Lance at top of the 18.  1-0 to the KC Wiz….  Of note also is that Kevin Hartman stopped a PK in the 43rd minute.

First half saw these players: Hartman, Jewsbury, Conrad, Wahl, Harrington.  With Zavagnin as holding mid and Marinelli as A-mid.  Myers on right and Watson on the left.  Up top were Ryan Pore and trialist Paulo Troyano.  All I have on him at the moment is that I found this wikipedia entry with him on team.  He is an Argentine forward on Guatemalan side Deportivo Heredia.  It might not even be the most up to date team for him.

In the second half the team changed 10 players.  The only one that didn’t change was Troyano.   Kronberg in goal.  Lethers, Hohlbein, McKenzie and Marquess on back line.  Lowery as holding mid, Morsink as attacking mid.  Kraus on the right and Kevin Souter on the left.  DiCicco and Troyano up top.

Also, it’s possible that KC could be playing River Plate on Thursday.  On Wednesday they take on Valez Sarsfield.


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