Comets: Gino Schiraldi

I was off checking out the MetroSports page for Brad Porter’s blog on the Wizards and I came across this story by Matt Fulks on Gino Schiraldi

Matt Fulks does a “Where Have you Gone?” piece every Monday.



2 Responses to Comets: Gino Schiraldi

  1. cg says:

    I used to love going to Comets games back in the Schiraldi era. Glad to hear his health is better, and that his daughter is playing soccer at my college alma mater!

  2. Pina Cestra says:


    My name is Pina Cestra, I just stumbled on this article on Gino Schiraldi.

    I am very flattered that you are still interested in Gino, career and his health, and above all i am proud of his three girls.

    I did go to some of his games in Kansas City a few times, with my parents and my children, after all He is my baby brother.

    I am very proud of Him


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