Wizards: No game, almost Lopez, Boca & River?

The Wizards had thier game with Defensa y Justica cancelled today due to rain.  It’s been raining since the plane touched down at the end of last week.  Wizards will make up this game on Tuesday.  It will be nice for KC to get in all of their games in Argentina.

Now for some Claudio Lopez news.  We have another Goff article.  Looks like last minute touches before the announcement if you read this article.  Over at Oz City, mizzouligan82, did a translation of the article.

Also, in that same article, it looks like KC will be playing Boca Juniors and River Plate while in Buenos Aires.  At least, one can assume that since they got the other two teams correct 🙂  No dates yet for the Boca or River game.  And no makeup date for DyJ game.



One Response to Wizards: No game, almost Lopez, Boca & River?

  1. Kevin Shook says:

    The River and Boca games would make sense, we played both of them last year in the pre-season when we were down there.

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