2008 Wizards Fan Appreciation package

The Smart Circle is selling KC Wizards ticket packages.   They are an independent agency that has also sold ticket deals for the St. Louis Blues, FC Dallas, Chivas USA and the KC Royals.  Not all of them can be found on the website though.  And as of this posting the Wizards package was not on the site.

What they have for the Wizards is a pretty good deal.  For $29.99 you get 4 tickets (valued at $15 a ticket).  So right off you get a 2 for 1 deal.  But you also get 8 vouchers for a Buy One-Get One deal (2nd ticket at equal or lesser value).  The 4 tickets you get with the $29.99 can also be upgraded on game day.  So, if you wanted to stand in the Cauldron or sit on the bleachers you could pay $5 more for you ticket to upgrade it.  Or $10 more if you wanted a Stadium seat.  For the vouchers, they are redeemable on gameday(at CAB) or in advance to games at the Wizards office.  To upgrade the vouchers to Cauldron/bleacher it would be the $15 price +$5 for each ticket (so $25 total for both tickets).

Now, I am sure that most of you already have your calculator out and checking out the prices over a full season and comparing them to the Season ticket prices.  Well stop for a moment.  This deal is not available for 4 of the MLS game.  The games that this ticket package does not work for are: DC United on 3/29, Chicago on 7/27, Los Angeles on 9/13 and Chicago on 10/5.  And it also is not valid for the MLS playoffs.  It is valid for the as yet unnanounced Wizards International tournament, which will be for 2 games.  So, season ticket holders get 18 games for their ticket price while this is only good for at most 13 games.

Anyway, this is a pretty good deal if you don’t, or can’t, go to all the games.  Or if being a Season Ticket Holder is not important to you.  I know of quite a few Wizards fans that are STH but won’t be able to use all thier tickets. 

This package would be really great for groups on a single day.

Another way to think of it is that you’ll have 20 tickets in which to spread over 13 possible games.  For Berm prices that is $150 for 20 tickets.  For Cauldron it is $250 for 20 tickets.  For sections like the Berm and Cauldron this is a great way to bring a friend and build up those sections.

Oh yeah, if you are interested, here is the phone number for The Smart Circle.  1-800-775-1975.

KCSoccerReview would love to read your feedback on this.  Feel free to do some math to see how it compares to season tickets. 



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