Greg Cotton speaks

Ok, not “speaks” but “blogs”.  He wrote today over at Hillcrest Road.

Here are some highlights:

First a funny one.  A comment about Kyle Roger’s hair. “They tell me Hillcrest’s hair is a thermodynamic miracle.”  Pretty funny if you ask me 🙂

Next Greg mentions what I had reported before.  About OnGoal bringing some international competition to KC. “For example, one of our goals this year is to bring the international soccer experience to Kansas City through friendly matches with clubs from all over the world. We hope to announce shortly a multi-game international friendly schedule that will see some of the finest soccer teams in the world ply their trade right here in KC.”  I am looking forward to it! Let the speculation begin.

There is talk ove specialty beer at the pub that will exist at the new stadium. “I’ve been meeting with specialty beer brewers with the goal of creating proprietary brews unique to the Trails and crafted specifically for Wizards supporters.”  I am looking forward to these beers.  I am hoping there are many new versions created.

KC has a partnership with Atlas of the Mexican league.  But Greg tells us that KC is also after other foreign partnerships. “…OnGoal is pursuing club and vendor partnerships on a variety of levels domestically as well as in England, Italy, Germany, Argentina, and China.”  OnGoal just keeps making very nice strides since taking over in the past 18 months.

On broadcasts. “..for 2008 … Metro Sports will broadcast every League game not broadcast elsewhere by a national partner.” and this “Metro Sports will also broadcast every match in Spanish on Time Warner Cable channel 5.”  This is good.  KC is staying consistant by keeping the games on MS.  And even better is the fact that every game on MS is now in Spanish too.  And that MS is also available on other cable providers other than Time Warner.   The Wizards will also be on the radio too. “We hope to announce a radio deal in the very near future as well.”  I wonder if it will be in Spanish too?  More Wizards on TV and it seems on the Radio too!

Great info from Greg Cotton!



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