KC Kings result from Saturday.

Ok, I headed out to watch the Kings play Piasa FC tonight.  Let me start off by saying that the Kings did not play Piasa FC. Huh?  Ok, I’ll explain.  I got the story from Kings GM Brian Budzinski.

Piasa FC(out of Collinsville, IL) had their vehicle break down just outside of Kingdom City on I-70.  They did not have a charter bus this time, they had a 15 passenger van that was rented.  And a second vehicle, a car.  Anyway, they were not able to get the van fixed or replaced(rental company closed on Saturday) and there was not enough time to send someone from KC to … KC … to get them and get back in time.  So Piasa FC sent, I think, 5 or 6 players on ahead in their car while Brian used his connections to get local team Legacy FC to come out and play.  There were some Legacy guys at the the KCW open tryouts and so a few players from those tryouts were also out at the game.

So, the Kings played Legacy FC.  I believe that Piasa FC will recieve a fine of some sort for not playing the game.  Maybe it will be reduced because they had some players at the game.  The final score of the game was 24-4 in favor of KC.  KC led 18-0 before Legacy netted 2 goals in a row and then KC got the final 3.  Overall KC was fitter, faster, better at passing, control, etc.  It was pretty obvious that the Kings were good but also that Legacy was playing out of their level.

I was keeping track of blue cards, power plays and shots on goal but stopped when I talked with GM Brian Budzinski for most of the second half. It was great talking with him.  Be sure to talk to him if you come out to the Wizards Supporter group gathering next week when KC plays Springfield.

Speaking of next week.  I suggest that anyone that is going to go: Arrive Early.  Even though tonights crowd was not that big, you will miss some of the action if you are in the “2nd row” of people.  Not sure where the supporters group will end up, but there is an upper deck on the southeast corner that has a GREAT view of the field.  Brian tells me that it’s been 4 deep up there.  That will mean that at least 60 or so can be up there. 

If you haven’t seen the Kings play yet, I am confident you will enjoy them.



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