Designated player for KC?

Once again Steven Goff brings us the third installment of news about KC being in serious talks with Claudio Lopez.  According the the report Claudio Lopez could join KC very soon.  But not only joining the Wizards; joining as a Designated Player

A note here about DP – I believe KC got $400,000 (I don’t have the source, I don’t recall it exactly) in cap room for the sale of Eddie Johnson.  Basically meaning that KC’s salary cap (the part the League pays) will go from $2.2M to about $2.6M.  With KC needing the finishing power up-top, it’s probably safe to say that KC is using that $400,000 cushion(and then some) to get Claudio to KC.  So, he’d technically be a DP if his salary is over $400,000.  But in reality, the league would still be paying his contract, so it’d be no money out of KC’s pocket; at least for this year.  Pretty sure that $400,000 for EJ is only for this season.  This is all speculation on my part of course. (if it turns out to be true then I’ll let you all know I was right! 😛 ).   And now more on Lopez!

Lopez came off the bench a lot last season for his club, Racing Club(2nd time around with them) in Argentina.  But it seems that if KC is making him a Designated Player then Lopez would for sure take up a starting role.  Lopez would be replacing Eddie Johnson up top and would give KC that “veteran” influence up and down the field.  Hartman in goal, Conrad on back like, Zavagnin as holding mid and now Claudio Lopez up top.

Claudio is 33 years old and has played on clubs in Argentina, Spain, Italy and Mexico.  And of course for the Argentine National team.  He has 58 appearance for Argentina and 10 goals.  Over the course of his club career he has 151 goals.  Ten of them this past season for Racing Club.

Surely, even if the deal is done this weekend, Claudio will join the team in Argentina.  He will be the third Argentine to join KC in the past year.  We already have Carlos Marinelli and Eloy Colombano.  And he will be the 4th South American on the team; since KC has also signed Colombian striker Ivan Trujillo.



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