KC Kings and pre-season Cauldron/Supporter event

This was announced on BigSoccer.com Jeff Szajnuk.


WHAT: Kansas City Kings Home Playoff Game – Cauldron Party

WHY – Need help drinking beer, eating free pizza, practicing songs, and yelling at soccer players.

WHEN: Saturday March 1st, 7:00pm for the game – Around 8:30 for the Cauldron announcements/activities, Pizza, meet the players of both teams after the game.

KC Soccerdome – Directions Here

Kids are Welcome – bring your families.

Ticket price for the game is 5$ for an adult, 3$ for children, and 2$ for children in soccer jerseys. However, a portion of every ticket will go towards filling the Cauldron in 2008 at CAB, so I can’t think of a better cause than that!

Although it says Cauldron at the top, this is open to everybody who wants to come see some Kansas City soccer with us. This will be a great time to practice any new songs, hear some of the Cauldron’s grand plans for 2008, meet new people, and reconnect with those you haven’t seen all offseason.

You can still show up for the Cauldron announcements etc if you can’t make it for the game, and admission is charged only for the game. However, it should be a hard-fought game, and we should be supporting any KC soccer team in the playoffs.

We are limited in the total number of people we can have in our reserved section, as the Dome should be packed for the playoff game. That was the whole point of having the party here. We want to attract new soccer fans to the section, and this gives us a perfect opportunity.

If you’re coming, it would help if I knew ahead of time, so I can plan on how much pizza to order etc. Put your name down below with how many you would bring.


To get added to the list, if you have a Big Soccer account, you can go there and sign up.  If you do not have an account then send an email mailto:jszajnuk@gmail.com.

Don’t forget, there is also a KC Kings game at the SoccerDome this Saturday(23rd) against Piasa FC incase you want to catch the team before the big playoff game on the 1st.  Kickoff is at 7:00 (*edited to reflect time change*)



5 Responses to KC Kings and pre-season Cauldron/Supporter event

  1. szazzy says:

    Thanks George for helping get the word out.

    Should be a great game.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I believe the game this saturday against Piasa has been moved to 7:00pm.

  3. georgeshook says:

    Thanks about that starting time, I’ll email someone on the team then.

  4. Anoymous says:

    Looks like two KC Kings are trying out for the Wizards this weekend.

    James Katajwa and Tonio Paternostro under the Hillcrest Road link..they both check-in @ 9:30 am. Interesting to see how they do.

  5. The KC Kings’ Kalev Saarna is also trying out on Saturday…. And there is a story on the time change on the team’s MySpace page.

    Go Kings!

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