Wizards practice; Video Interviews

2008-02-20 practice

Hey all.  I headed out to the practice today with Mike Kuhn.  Look for a report on Mike’s site too.   We watched practice and then afterwards interviewed three players.  Sasha Victorine, Chance Myers and Tyson Wahl.  The interviews will be at the end of the post.

First, about practice.  Several were not there or did not practice.  As we know, two players were waived last week.  But also two keepers are no longer with the team: O’hara and Reed.   Eloy is already back in Argentina and Kerry was not out at the Sports Lodge.  Davy and Scott Sealy did not practice.  Matt Marquess worked out by himself.  Andrew DiCicco did not participate in the mini-games.  Two players took ankle knocks: Roger Espinoza and Ryan McMahen.  Not sure of the seriousness of each injury.

Ok, for those that did practice, it was very very high paced.  Seemed like some frustrations out on the field too.  Most likely from playing each other every day.  Jon Leathers was pretty aggressive as was Jimmy Conrad.  There were passing/possession drills in which the players looked really good.  After about a half-hour or so they broke up into 4 teams of 5v5.  I think there were 9 goals scored in the 6 games.  I have a little bit of video of some 5v5 here.

Looks like Chance Myers will be #7.

Ok, I interviewed Sasha Victorine, then Chance Myers and finally Tyson Wahl.

I wouldn’t say that interviewing is my best skill – so forgive me there.  Hopefully I’ll get better.  All 3 were asked about the Champions League.  Sasha is new papa as of the 15th and I asked him about that.  Asked where he sees himself on the team and about some depth.  Chance was asked about the weather, the Olympic team, his new position, transition to 3-5-2 (he played 442 in college) and if he’d been hazed yet.  Tyson was reminded about his birthday coming up, how goes the battle for starting defender, some comments on Leathers, McKenzie and William. 

Interview with Sasha

Interview with Chance

Interview with Tyson

You can see older videos here



3 Responses to Wizards practice; Video Interviews

  1. szazzy says:

    Hey man, I thought you did great. The only flub I saw was asking Tyson essentially the same question twice. 🙂

    It was all well thought out researched. Even asking Sasha the tough questions. Hope to see more of it in the future.

  2. georgeshook says:

    Thanks Jeff…. I was a bit messed up w/Tyson since I didn’t ask exactly what I wanted and he answered my next question with his reply 🙂

    And I tried to make sure I asked Sasha in the right way so it didn’t come off badly. (what a horribly written sentence!)

  3. Great job, George. Thanks for taking the time to do this — not just going to practice, but also getting the videos uploaded. It’s great to get this behind the scenes look at our boys in blue.

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