US Open Cup and MySpace

First off, over on Steve Goff’s Washington post blog we have this little tidbit of information.

*The U.S. Open Cup schedule is much more compact this year. Pending USSF approval, the round of 16 to the championship game will be held over an eight-week stretch between July 1 and Aug. 26. No more late-round matches in the fall, when MLS clubs are focused on the playoffs.

Usually the USOC has games every 4 weeks, or about once a month for the last 4 rounds.  But now it seems that USSF could approve playing the 4 rounds in 9 weeks(I know the article says 8 weeks, but you go count it 😛 ).  A huge change from recent years.  You’d think this would affect MLS team that are in the SuperLiga, but a quick check of Houston Dynamo schedule, shows they are pretty much off of MLS action the entire month of July.

In other news, the Wizards announced an upgrade in their My Space page via Hillcrest blog.  Go here to see the new page.


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