Saturday news

Yesterday was the deadline for applications for KCW open tryouts.

Yesterday was the deadline for applications for Starting Eleven tryouts.

Today is the select-a-seat time for KCW partial season ticket holders.  The event is out at Community America Ballpark.

In Bradenton, the Wizards play split squad games against Toronto and Chicago.  We understand that the guys that went 60 in the last game are to play Toronto while the rest play Chicago.  My guess for the Toronto lineup then is: Hartman, Conrad, Jewsbury, Wahl, Myers, Harrington, Marinelli, Morsink, Zavagnin, Sealy and Pore. Go team. Go reserves.

Tonight in Springfield, IL, the Kansas City Kings play the Springfield Spirits in a Midwest Division showdown of the PASL.  KC has already clinched the Midwest Division title by winning all six games so far. 



4 Responses to Saturday news

  1. The Springfield Spirits are Springfield, IL, not Springfield, MO.

  2. georgeshook says:

    Ah, ok, I’ll fix it. I didn’t check but just “assumed” it was MO.

  3. Ole says:

    We have a PDL team in Springfield MO, the Demize, but no PASL team (yet).

  4. georgeshook says:

    yeah, I’d not be surprised if the Wizards played Springfield again this year.

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