Brad Porter/Metro Sports

It is probably just the setup over at but it was difficult to tell when Brad Porter updated his blog.  Previously I only had a direct link to his stories and sometimes there was a link to a new story on the right hand side of the blog.  Of course, you could search the archives and get all the entries.  He has added three since February 9th.  Here is the main MetroSports page.

Here are his last 3 articles:

Feb 9.  Make Beckham play at the CAB.  Have DB at CAB and not Arrowhead.  2008 schedule. Scooby and Dora.  USMNT vs Mexico:Jimmy, Jozy, Freddy and LD critiques!

Feb 13.  Bring EPL to the States.  EPL 39th games?  Does Alexi have pull?  Eddie playing at Fulham.  KC waiting on Trujillo and the new menu at the CAB.

Feb 16.  Trujillo close to joining team.  Trujillo P-1 status.  KC 3-5-2.  A healthy Marinelli. Jimmy and USMNT,  Raybould playing time and Chance Myers.  Then some EPL – Barnsley anyone?

Keep it up Brad. 



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