Wizards draw United in Florida

Steven Goff reports that KC and DC played to a 1-1 draw in today’s scrimmage.  No details of the KC roster but Carlos Marinelli scored KC’s goal off a penalty kick.

KC has now played several scrimmages down in Florida.  They played the U-17, and intersquad scrimmage, Columbus and DC.  They still have split squad games on Saturday against TFC and the Fire before coming home.

Some stats from those games.  Tyson Wahl leads all players with 233 minutes.  Hartman and Zavagnin each have 215.  Four other players have 200: Carlos, Kurt, Chance Myers and Scott Sealy.  Ryan Pore is at 190 minutes with Micheal Harrington just 5 minutes behind. All of the named players but Myers and Pore have started every game.  Everyone but 5 players have over 100 minutes and 14 players have over 150 minutes.  Seven players have played multiple positions: Myers, Pore, Watson, Espinoza, Raybould, Jewsbury and Kraus.

It’s good to see Eric Kronberg finally get some minutes today.   Espinoza played what looks like the AM role in the final 30 minutes.   A lot of guys are getting some time on defense: ten different players.

Did anyone else notice that goalkeeper Reed doesn’t seem to have made the trip down to Florida?  Kronberg is probably still recovering from his shoulder problem and I don’t think Boris Pardo is going to make the team – that leaves us shorthanded at keeper and Reed looks pretty darn good in those sessions in KC.

Anyway, two more games in Florida then we get to see the team back here in KC before the Argentina trip.


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