2008 Kansas City MLS Schedule

KC’s full schedule can be seen in the press release and here.

Kansas City starts off with 4 home games in 14 days and then 6 road games in 8 weeks.  There is an off week on May 10th/11th and also May 31/June 1.  KC is away for that stretch due to sharing of CAB with the T-Bones.  Except for the 3 games in one week (Sat, Wed, Sat),  all the other games have at least 5 days (off) between them (or games just 6 days later). By no means does KC have a congested schedule like in recent years.

Also, outside of the 6 game road trip, KC only has one back-to-back road set the rest of the season.

After the 4 home stand to start off the season, KC is only home back to back times twice more in the season.  And they are 5 home games in 6 weeks near the end of the season.  That should give KC an incentive to finish the season strong for heading into the playoffs.

KC plays every team at home once and two teams twice.  The two teams are New England and Chicago.  Of course, we play every team on the road once and two teams twice.  Those teams are Columbus and Toronto.  Two tougher East teams at home and two, somewhat, easier East teams on the road.  That seems to be somewhat in our favor.

There is one Wednesday game the entire season, it’s at home against New England.   We have two Thursday games. One at home and not on ESPN2 (against NYRB) and the other, one week later, in Columbus.  The Wizards also play in Dallas on Friday July 4th.

KC plays 22 times on Saturday.  Eleven of our home dates are on Saturday and at 7pm.  There are 4 Sunday games, two home and two road.  Both Sunday home games are against Chicago.

KC is on HDNET five times (3 of them home).  We are on ESPN2 once.  Three games are on Telefutura (only 1 is home).   Twice KC gets to be on FSC, both on the road.

MetroSports will broadcast 23(13 at home) KC games.  And it looks like 20 of the games will be on TWC Channel 5 in Spanish.

KC has a stretch in August to September of six straight games against the West.  Six different teams even.  We play New England twice in our last three games.  June is opened and closed with games against Real Salt Lake.  In the middle of the season, KC played Columbus all 3 times in 10 games.  Otherwise, KC’s schedule is pretty well “spread out” among opponents.

Neat Dates:

Jose Burciaga, Jr. Match:KC vs Colorado on April 5th 

Western Conference Finals rematch: KC vs Houston on April 12th

“Shove it, Preki” Match: KC vs CD Chivas USA on August 9th

Beckham Match: KC vs LAG on September 13th (Arrowhead?)

Nick Garcia Match: KC vs San Jose on October 18th(final home game)


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