KCW Training Facility Tour

Thanks the KC front office for organizing a tour of the Wizards Swope Park Training Facility.  Our guide was David Ficklin (VP of Development).  Also Sam Pierron (Customer Relations) and Chris Wyche (new Director of Operations) were there from the team.

We got to see the staff/coach offices.  They have their own staff locker room.  There is a lounge area for the players (they can play XBox, tabletennis, watch videos of games, etc).  They showed us the training room, the weight room and even the laundry room.  Of course we got to see the players lockerroom and the boot room too.  The tour lasted about an hour(maybe less).  Below are some videos.  There are 10 of them about the training facility.  Ok, there are eleven if you count the jersey video.

There are 6 more videos (5 thru 10) here.

Here is a video of DownTheByline’s Mike Kuhn wearing the new jersey(along side him are Gordon Zimmerman and Kevin Shook).

In the above video you’ll see how the new blue, while darker, isn’t as dark as originally thought.  I feel the new jersey is really professional looking and it stands out.

Also, photos of the jerseys were taken.  Enjoy!


4 Responses to KCW Training Facility Tour

  1. futuregrace says:

    Awesome video, jersey looks great. That looks much lighter than I remember it even looking in person the first time. That is good, though really a nice jersey.

  2. Sharon Hom says:

    How did you rate getting a tour of the facility? I’m a Season Ticket Holder and I’ve never been inside the facility!

  3. parlorcars says:

    Sharon, The tour was arranged by the Cauldron leadership for the Cauldron membership. It apears to be a one of the many benifits to being a Cauldronite.

  4. Sharon – you should be able to call the front office and ask them about it. We had a group of about 30 or so that went.

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