January 31st practice

Ok, amateur hour for me.  I take my camera to practice and get permission to video the players.  My thought was to get the new guys for like 30 seconds or so.  However, I didn’t bring extra batteries 😦  So, what I got was a clip of Davy Arnaud talking about his injury, new season, possibility of playing striker.  I then took clips of Roger Espinoza and Yomby William.  They’ll be posted below.

At practice, after a peptalk from Robb Heineman, the guys started off by being timed for an interval sprint.  I think it was 10 yards and 30 yards.  Very funny watching all the false starts and the jibes from the players.  I think that Leathers was the fastest.  Jack Jewsbury and Scott Sealy both ran it.  So did Pore so he can practice now.

After this the teams broke down to play 3v3 games.  Which is where I got shots of Espinoza and William.  Scott Sealy and Pore were involved in these games but Jack wasn’t.

Next up was 6v6.  There were 4 teams.  Those that sat out were Davy, Jack, Sealy, and Kronberg(not sure why).  Curt Onalfo played striker on a team that had mostly starters (Sasha, Harrington, Morsink) and Jon Leathers.  But that team was the best.  Harrington scored a goal and Sasha scored off a free kick to the far post.  The other teams were mixed of veterans and new guys.

There was a trialist named Andrew DiCicco of San Diego State.  Chris Snitko(1997 to 2000 w/KC) was there playing keeper.  Also a red headed former UCLA keeper named Eric Reed(thanks to mizzouligan82).  Alos, Reed played in USL last season for California.  Eloy Colombano was not at practice (maybe he’ll join the team in Argentina?)

Overall the intensity of practice was really high.  Everything seemed to be smoother today than Monday, so that’s a good sign.  Now the team is off to sunny Florida.

Here are the videos.

Davy Arnaud

Yomby William

Roger Espinoza

10 Responses to January 31st practice

  1. CG says:

    Yes, we love us some Davy!

  2. the new goalie is another ucla product, eric reed. he went undrafted last year and was playing for the california victory (who are now on hiatus). here’s his ucla profile with a pic if you want to confirm: http://uclabruins.cstv.com/sports/m-soccer/mtt/reed_eric00.html

  3. georgeshook says:

    Yep, that’s him. Eric Reed. Thanks.

  4. No prob, great post — lots of good info. Get a chance to take a look at Kante?

  5. Hough says:

    great post!

  6. Brian71 says:

    good stuff! glad you can make it out there…no chance for me during business hours.

  7. I’ve heard good things about Reed’s performance last year with the Victory. That’s good.

  8. OG says:

    Well, I’d not be surprised if Reed was our 3rd keeper then. Forgot to mention that the keeper we took in the Supplemental Draft wasn’t there again today.

  9. What no credit to me for helping you find out that was Andrew DiCicco? 🙂

  10. georgeshook says:

    I was in the process of adding last night and I the wife needed the PC, so I just saved it and let her use the computer.
    So, yes, Mr. Kuhn helped to find out that DiCicco’s first name was Andrew and where he … matriculated.

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