25 Jan. The news you might have missed.

Nowark Calls 23 Players Into Final Training Camp before CONCACAF Men’s Olympic Qualification.

Henderson Named Technical Director for Seattle’s MLS team.  Best of luck my good man.

MLS Seattle Hires Everett Native

Fulham Sign Eddie Johnson Fulham boss Roy Hodgson has said,” At 6′ 1″ Eddie can complement the other forwards and give us another dimension to our attacking play.” I hope your right Mr, Hodgson for rumor has it your board is getting ready to fire you. Good luck Eddie.

Eddie Johnson out, Gallardo in? Two players of which more has been expected in their careers are crossing paths in and out of MLS.

The Nooner (January 24)– Grown ass Fuhlam. Eddie Johnson Finally completed his move to Fulhamerica. No truth to the rumor that the “Star Spangled Banner” will be played before all matches a Craven Cottage now. Why not, Chivas U.S.A. does before their games.

Haven’t we seen these guys somewhere before?

Conrad Called Up I can not think of anything to say…….. wait for it…….JIMMY.

Vermes: No Hurry To Land DP “We already had a substantial amount of allocation money,”Vermes told Kansas City Star. “But this really took it up a notch” Hey Peter I hear Hasselbaink is available. I am joking. No really….I am Joking…..No….really

Will John on Trial in Denmark

Bob Bradley Readies his Troops For The Border War

Head Down to the Training Field

Eddie Johnson Interview

 Kansas City Wizards Add Three Midfielders, Goalkeep in 2008 MLS Supplemental Draft.



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